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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ascend with Raffles Design Institute Manila

Since 2010, Raffles Design Institute Manila has opened its doors to aspiring designers who want to learn more in a globally competitive way. 

Raffles Design Institute is a subsidiary of Raffles Education Corporation of Singapore which is one of the largest premier private education group since 1990 with campuses in 30 colleges, 28 cities across 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. 

And it was truly a great honor to be seeing their latest batch of students showcase what they learned in Raffles Design Institute Manila. 

The whole theme of the event was like you will be going on a flight. I love how all the students were in character the whole time during the event. 

When the program started, there were some opening remarks that also introduced the teachers that honed the students. One of which is the well known designer Albert Andrada which teaches Fashion Design. 

And now its time for the Fashion show! 



There were 5 collections from the students that were featured. Their collections ranged from Avante Garde to Commercial pieces that I was amazed because some of them were intricately made to stand out. 


Out of all the collections, the one that stood out for me was Mirabai Sebastian's collection because its simple, very intricate with the details but still very much sellable. I can see it being sold at a boutique anytime soon. 

And of course as being the professor of these talented individuals, Albert Andrada also featured a collection that went down the runway. His collections are so amazing, I don't think my camera gives justification to the detail work that was done to it. 

Overall, I really think Raffles Design Institute Manila is a great place for your kids to study if they are opting for not just fashion design but also Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Designing, Visual Communication and Business Management with specialization - Raffles Design Institue Manila is definitely for your child. 

If you want to know more about Raffles Design Institute Manila and the courses they offer you can visit them 1009 Metropol Bldg., Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City. Or Check out their website 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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