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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PR: Lets Paint the Town Black with Fabio and Axe Black at Palace Pool Club

Brazilian model Fabio Ide adds yet another club in his roster of already popular establishments for the hip, young and happening crowd. Teaming up with BNO’s Sam YG, both men are set to launch a bespoke concept pop up bar at The Palace for the new Axe 
Black fragrance where the metro’s stylishly understated men can hang out in.

Brapanese model/actor Fabio Ide is putting up pop-up bars in The Palace that include an atelier, cigar room, haberdashery, cocktail bar, champagne bar, tequila bar, and whisky bar

“The entire look and feel of the pop up bar will be in tune with the personality of the Axe Black man,” says Fabio.
The new fragrance from Axe is “very light compared to other fragrances and complements the person in a way that it gives character,” says Fabio, describing the understated Axe Black scent that advocates Less Effort, More Style.
As part owner of The Palace, Fabio knows a thing or two about bars, and is looking forward to surprising attendees with something out of the ordinary. Something to look forward to is the whiskey, tequila and champagne bar as well as a haberdasher and cigar room.
This Axe Black pop up bar will be launched on June 30. Guests will have a chance to see a whole new side of the Palace Pool Club.
“We’re going to create an ambiance that is… cozy, very relaxing, with the pool and the sounds of the water.”
The Pool Club will have 12 Cabanas and each cabana will have a diffuser set with essential oils from the Axe Black fragrance. Each Cabana will have a different theme so that guests can explore and find a space that suits them best.
The outdoor pool lounge will allow you to enjoy your single malt while smoking a cigar in a breathable space. Fabio also has a specially concocted drink for the Axe Black pop up bar called the Brazilian Fizz, a light and citrus beverage suitable for the poolside theme.

See you guys there tonight!

If you are attending make sure to wear your best Black Beach wear Attire.

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Feel The Summer Hangover with Kojie San's The Hangover Party

This post is waaaaaaay over due and I am really sorry, its just that work and also personal life is getting crazier by the day so please forgive me!

One of the things I hate about Summer is just when everything is getting better its already the end of Summer! I swear I am so irritated when this happens every year. 

But thankfully this year is great because of Kojie San's Hangover party! 

Summer is one whole season filled with parties at the beach and its great to have Kojie San with you on those day. The event was held at Valkyrie last May 30th and the place was packed. 

People were eager to find out what's in store for us with Kojie San. 

The event was opened with a series of performances by gogo dancers and also performers that were so captivating. 

One of the highlights of the show was when they challenged one member of the female audience to shave off her hair for 15K...and yep you probably know now that is me! 

I will tell you more about this on a separate blog post

The music was pumping with mixes from Valkyrie's house DJ to pump up the crowd. 

Overall I think I will have a longer hangover from this Summer because of Kojie San. I swear it still feels like its Summer with Kojie San! 

Much Love! 

Globe Business Launches New innovation with Globe WiFi Hub

As a blogger and social media junkie, I know that its very important to be connected all the time. But unfortunately some businesses don't offer WiFi for their customers because of the following reasons:

- They over stay for the free WiFi

- or connect to the WiFi even if they didn't purchase anything!

And I know that it would be bad for business in their part. So Globe made a new way for businesses to earn with Globe WiFi Business Hub! 

This device actually gives out individual codes to each user regarding the number of minutes they will be using the establishment's WiFi! 

And this can be an advantage for the business because they can minimize the number of people that over stay at their establishment. Don't think of it too negatively because business is very important so having this also maximizes their capacity to show their products and not just have to be a place that offers Free WiFi. 

If you want to know more about this and other Globe Business deals, make sure to head on the nearest Globe Business center to get more information! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Ascend with Raffles Design Institute Manila

Since 2010, Raffles Design Institute Manila has opened its doors to aspiring designers who want to learn more in a globally competitive way. 

Raffles Design Institute is a subsidiary of Raffles Education Corporation of Singapore which is one of the largest premier private education group since 1990 with campuses in 30 colleges, 28 cities across 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. 

And it was truly a great honor to be seeing their latest batch of students showcase what they learned in Raffles Design Institute Manila. 

The whole theme of the event was like you will be going on a flight. I love how all the students were in character the whole time during the event. 

When the program started, there were some opening remarks that also introduced the teachers that honed the students. One of which is the well known designer Albert Andrada which teaches Fashion Design. 

And now its time for the Fashion show! 



There were 5 collections from the students that were featured. Their collections ranged from Avante Garde to Commercial pieces that I was amazed because some of them were intricately made to stand out. 


Out of all the collections, the one that stood out for me was Mirabai Sebastian's collection because its simple, very intricate with the details but still very much sellable. I can see it being sold at a boutique anytime soon. 

And of course as being the professor of these talented individuals, Albert Andrada also featured a collection that went down the runway. His collections are so amazing, I don't think my camera gives justification to the detail work that was done to it. 

Overall, I really think Raffles Design Institute Manila is a great place for your kids to study if they are opting for not just fashion design but also Fashion Marketing and Management, Interior Designing, Visual Communication and Business Management with specialization - Raffles Design Institue Manila is definitely for your child. 

If you want to know more about Raffles Design Institute Manila and the courses they offer you can visit them 1009 Metropol Bldg., Metropolitan Avenue, Makati City. Or Check out their website 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


 If you are into the music industry and also looking for a reliable sound mixer Mickle is the one you should get. Being a new name in the market, Mickle is a brand of dependable and also reliable sound mixers that won't break the bank for your business and personal use. It is priced reasonable lower compared to other known brands that is available locally. 

Solely distributed by Panvin International, Mickle's aim is to give quality electronic sound mixers without burning a hole in your pocket.   From simple sound mixer set-up - 2 to 4 channels for starters to 18 channels set-up which is mid-level, MICKLE has a unit for your need. 

Introducing into this event is his professional mixer board which is comparable to the one being used in big concerts or dance parties. The professional board set-up has a minimum of 22 channels and increases in features as you go up with your channel needs.

And if you want to get a hold of Mickle sound mixers you are in luck because they are part of EMEX 2015!

The Electronic Music Expo and Convention is a yearly event where different sound suppliers are placed in one spot and showcase what they can offer to the buying public.  Known and newcomers in the market of electronic sound equipments are presented to the scrutiny of the dynamic attendees.  This year it is to be held at the SMX Center of SM Aura in Taguig City.  From June 19 till the 21st, SMX Center will open its doors to those who wish to know what is new and latest in the world of electronic sound business.

So if you are looking for a reliable mixer for personal or business use make sure to check out Mickle at EMEX today! 

Much Love! 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

On Reading Porn

Admit it. You got tempted on the title didn't you?

I am done.

Another personal post! 

This is for that person who is so ironic about what they say to what they actually do. 

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