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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Things to Expect on a Beach themed EDM Party

I like listening to EDM but I'm never the kind that actually go to a club a lot because sometimes I prefer to dance it out on my own. I'm weird like that. 

But I actually did not pass this opportunity because its better if I try it once right?

So here are some of the things that you can expect on an EDM party at the beach. 

1. Its better to be early at the venue. 

You will be going to the beach so enjoy it while the party hasn't started. Get some sun and enjoy the beach first so by the time the party starts your don't have to look into the beach that often. 

2. Know the location.

If you are going to car pool with your friends, its best to know the venue from googling it or using apps that can help you locate it like Waze. It will save you time from going in circles just to find the venue.

3. Bring extra money. 

Of course this is important because you will never know if you forgot buying sunblock or buying some extra booze with your friends. 

4. Bring a tent. 

This can be optional since you might be given an option to rent a tent at the venue but its still better if you bring your own. 

5. Bring your friends!

One important factor is bring people you want to share this moment to. I was with my Big Difference family at the event and it was awesome. 

6. Get ready to be beaten - by dancing too much. 

I learned this the hard way. I am not really comfortable dancing with a lot of people but it was really fun. 

And lastly, 


You are at a party so make sure to have fun with your friends and also meet new people. I met some new friends along the way although because of the booze, I kinda forgot most of them. If you are reading this post please forgive me if I forget your name if we see each other again in person. 

Electric Summer is really an event I will not forget. Its fun, exciting and filled with so many passionate people that enjoy EDM and if I will go again.

Maybe. But we are not sure yet. 

Were you at the Electric Summer party? Comment below about your experience! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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