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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photoescape Reviews: Aqua Mineral Body Scrub and Body Butter

Hey guys! I'm back with a new review~!

For today's review will be all about Aqua Mineral from the dead sea body scrub and body butter.

Just to make it clear, I am not getting paid nor advised to write these things and all opinions are solely based on my opinion. goes.

I love body scrubs..who doesn't right? I especially love getting body scrubs at beauty centers because of the relaxation and free massage. But if you think about it if you add up all the cost of going to and from the beauty center, getting the scrub and such would cost you a lot annually.

I am quite a cheapskate which I remember I did a calculation on it and if I do get a body scrub professionally done it would cost me about 1,200php a month without adding the cost of going to the beauty center.

It was too painful for my wallet that is.

So checking out a cheaper alternative is great and all but usually the scrubs that are used in beauty centers have a more gritty consistency which makes exfoliating much better for my skin.

I actually found one which is similar in consistency that I can just use at home which is Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea.

It boasts of being Dead Sea Salt that came from the Dead Sea. Its created to remove dead cells and other impurities of the body that makes our skin look dull.

Usually this happens when the weather is really cold then suddenly it becomes hot and humid. Usually our skin does that because its transitioning this at times it can't shed faster - yeah I used the word shed about our skin.

As checking the ingredients I noticed that it contained different oils like rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and also grape seed oil which has known benefits to the skin when it comes to moisturizing and regenerating cells to the body.

Thus making our skin smoother without removing too much oils in the body.

One thing though that I don't like about this is no matter how small the amount I use from the scrub it leaves my skin with a thin film of oil which is a little irritating when you wipe it off after you shower. But I will over look that because it still makes my skin really smooth after showering.

As for the body butter, it is the same scent as the scrub but I feel that if you use this you don't have to apply a separate body mist or perfume because the scent really does stay in your skin.

The body butter comes in a big tub that I think even after a year of continuous usage, you would still have enough for another year of use so its much better to use this as well as a deep moisturizing lotion for those really dry areas that you can use before you hop to bed for the night.

I actually use a small dot that is the same size as a twenty five peso coin daily so think about how much product I still have. I'm actually sharing this with my mom and she is picky with scents and luckily she likes this scent a lot.

Overall, I think Aqua Mineral from the dead sea is a great investment for your skin because it really does give you a smoother and radiant skin with continuous use. It is a little expensive but if you add up going to a professional for a monthly scrub or even a quarterly one its much more expensive in total so going for Aqua Mineral actually is a great option.

If you'd like to see more of their other products make sure to head off to their Facebook page or to any stall they have at the Malls like SM.

Much Love!

xx Alice  


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