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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Personal Post: How Would You Know When a Friend Walked Out of Your Life?

Hey! This is a response to an article I read last night when shit (yes! I said it! Judge me now world!) was doing a kamikaze on me. Its basically about an open letter to friends that walked out of your life. 

If you want to check it out here's the link to it. 

And here is my question: How would you know if your friend walked out of your life? 

I've had episodes that I've parted ways with a friend in a not so good way. And I am talking about a fight broke out but no physical altercations happened.

 I've also had friends that parted with me slowly which actually gave me pain more than those that I've had a huge argument in. 

I won't come clean and say I'm the perfect friend - you can ask my friends that I've had for years that I sometimes bail out at the last moment because something really important came up or I'm broke so they know that I can't make it. But I still make it up for them as much as I can. 

But how would you know that the friendship is not worth saving for? 

Is it because you and your friend don't have time to hang out anymore? Is it because they don't talk to you as much anymore?  Because honestly with everything else in our lives going on that would be  like putting your friends as part of your to-do list. 

And friendship isn't like that, a true friendship is when even you don't constantly talk to one another but you know that they are there for you the moment that you need them the most - in other words: they got your back no matter what. 

And if your friend ain't like that to you then its not your problem anymore. Your friend is a human too so don't expect them to be like Baymax to be there 24/7 when you have an emergency of some sort. They have their own set of problems that sometimes they need to deal on their own too. 

I remember one ex-friend that makes it her life goal to ALWAYS take it against me if I bail out when she sets up a movie night ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT. And this is legitimately not acceptable for me then because I had a full time job and her house is in the south so going there from my house was like me going on a road trip. She would always tell me that if I don't go it will be the end of our friendship. Which I actually ended anyway because its not worth it. 

THAT is one fine example of when it is a good time to break off a friendship. Friendship is not about just being their friend, its being a friend to them.

Friendship is like a two way street yes but that doesn't mean constant communication is a true basis for true friendship. Clear and honest communication is what a true friendship needs. 

That article really made an impact to me because I know I have my faults with my friends and they also have the same for me but we understand each other which makes our friendship stronger with time. 

And if my friends read this: I know I bail out at times but you guys know that I'm sorry and I'm always here for you. I'm just a text/call/FB message/IG DM away - or you can call my land line if I'm its urgent don't forget that. And one more thing

I love you guys!

Much Love



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