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Sunday, May 10, 2015

An Up close and personal talk with Mayor Hubbert Dolor about PG

Hey guys! I'm back with Part 2 of my Puerto Galera adventures! 

If you would like to see part 1 just click here

One of the perks social media bloggers have is to meet and talk to prominent people in the society. 

And this person is by far the first Mayor I've met that has a very calm and approachable demeanor, and I am talking about Mayor Hubbert A. Dolor, MD. 

A doctor by profession but a public servant by passion, he is on his third term being Mayor. He was once a Seminarian but has a very transparent personality which is great to see for a public servant. 

He discussed to us a number of topics relating about Puerto Galera and Mindoro Oriental in particular. From culinary hotspots to the hidden gems and also future events I can see how hopeful and ambitious he is in making Puerto Galera a prime destination for the world. 

Mayor Dolor is also proud to announce that Puerto Galera or PG was chosen to host the 11th world congress that will take part this year. PG is picked as one because of it has one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The event will be graced by diplomatic representatives from 38 nations who also owns beautiful bays just like here in the Philippines. 

I actually asked what is the biggest percentage of visitors PG gets annually and he says that majority of its current visitors are Koreans, Russians, and other races. 

One of the things Mayor Dolor highlighted to us is that although they are surrounded by the body of water, major fishing using nets and big fishing vessels are not allowed to be done to protect the coral reefs and the sea creatures in abundance for snorkeling and diving. He also recommended to us some destinations we need to check out before we explore the island - but that would be for part 3 of the adventure!  

Unfortunately, our Q and A came to an end but before we shake hands and had our pictures taken, he left us with some words of wisdom which are about the 3 kinds of people we should never forget:

1. People who remain with you during your most difficult times
2.  People who will leave you during your most difficult  times
3. People who rather put you down  during your most difficult times

I really appreciate the small time that were allotted to us in interviewing Mayor Hubbert Dolor. He is really like a father to all of his constituents because he deeply cares for the welfare of everyone. 

For more of Mayor Hubert's  info:  visit  
Tel.: (043) 287-3045; 442-0107

Watch out for Part 3 on my other blog

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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