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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Have a Blast at 88 Superclub

Don't hate me for saying this - I love clubbing.

As for someone who sometime prefers sleeping in on Friday nights, I usually head out with my male friends in particular out on Saturdays because I think Saturday night is the best night to get wild and not care about the world. And also since the next day is Sunday, we can have that day to nurse our hang over or maybe someone else's hang over (Yes! I am calling you out dude! haha!)

 I actually discovered a new place to bring my male friends just a few minutes from my house!

And I am talking about 88 Superclub.

88 Super Club is situated just along Timog Avenue near Tomas Morato. It is also one of the clubs in Quezon City that most celebrities party at because of their chill vibe over at the VIP section. 

Being at one of the places people go to party the night away it is a no brainer if you ask me. Some of my friends do go here a lot because of how fun the people are and also how friendly everyone is. 


 I would recommend everyone go to 88 Super club every Wednesday nights  which is Mean Girls Wednesday and  Friday nights which is No Excuse Friday with Ashley Rivera or commonly known as Petra Mahalimuyak on Youtube is their guest DJ in which she plays a really good set that gets everyone pumped up to party the night away. 
Check out 88 Super club at 62 Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines.
Much Love! 
xx Alice


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