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Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Quiz Night Experience

Ever been on a quiz night? Me either. I was totally clueless what people do on a quiz night. Do they answer questions like how we did when we were still studying? 

It sounds fairly nerdy and geeky for some but I heard its so much fun. I have yet to find out when someone invited me to attend one a couple of weeks ago. 

A quiz night is basically a get together of people who have a common interest in trivia, pop culture and everything in between. I was really excited because it is my first time. 

I was with several other bloggers and we had our own team. The mechanics are fairly simple; 

- There are about six categories that we will be playing. 
- There is an option to steal; meaning we can get an answer from another team and if they are right we also get a point.
- There is a joker; where if we get double the point if we answered right in a specific round.
- no checking on google or social media for fair play

There are actually a lot more but I don't remember the specific terms.

If you want to get in its simple as well; At some places there will be an entrance fee of 500 pesos per person which includes one complimentary drink, dinner and some finger foods. You also have to be in a group of about 4 person or more and just have fun!

I was with several bloggers that night and all of us were not expecting that it could be a riot. I especially had fun because there were some categories that I relate to but since its a matter of being fast I wasn't able to answer quick enough. 

If you ask me would I go again? 

OF COURSE! Its a fun thing to do with your friends and you wouldn't expect how competitive it becomes. There were also prizes that were given away like powerbanks and bottles of alcohol which was so much fun. 

Would you try to have a quiz night with your friends? Let me know on the comments section below! 

xx Alice 


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