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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Master Hanz Cua's Animal Zodiac Forecast 2015: Boar

We are now at the very last animal in the zodiac chart which is the boar. 

(1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019)

The Boar's best friend is the Tiger. His allies are the Sheep and the Rabbit. Avoid destruction by keeping away from your enemy which is the Snake. You will have strong business partnerships because friends will come to you for a business collaboration. Use this time to socialize and meet new friends. Prayers and going to church is recommended as the 5 Ghost brings in wealth and career luck. 


This year, the Boar will have strong wealth luck. The businessman and self-employed will bring profitable returns


There will be a lot of gossipers and backstabbers that will attack you this year but don't fret because you have support stars coming into your chart and you can expect a lot of helpful friends at work. 

Love and Relationships

There is a harmonious relationship for the Boar this year. For couples, it is a good year to get married. For those who are single, its best to be proactive so they can easily find the right partner. 


The Boar needs to tone down and lose some weight. Do Low impact exercises and avoid aggressive sports. 

And that concludes the twelve animal zodiacs forecasts this 2015! 

Seriously it was quite a pain but was well worth it to be honest. I've gotten to know more about the animal zodiacs and their future. But of course with hard work, determination and a strong faith I'm very well sure that everyone will achieve their dreams and aspirations this 2015. 

Again for more information about this and to know more about Master Hanz Cua make sure to visit his at the Level 1 of Shangri La Plaza mall in Mandaluyong and check out

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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