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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Master Hanz Cua's Animal Zodiac Forecast 2015: Snake

Ola again! 

Its another Animal Zodiac Forecast. Today will be all about the Snake. Did you guys know that people born under this year are more compatible to Dragons? It was really weird because when I researched about the Animal Zodiac compatibility most sources I've read said that Dragons and Snakes compliment each other. So maybe that's why I have more friends born in this year. 

Okay nuff said let's go to the Snake's future this 2015 shall we?

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The Snake's best friend is the Monkey. Their allies are the Ox and the Rooster. Watch out though for the Boar who is the enemy. This year, be ready for action, there are a lot of rich opportunities and career prospects. You should therefore focus on one thing at a time. Wisdom and Career luck star are good if you are going to take exams, getting insurance and property this year. 


This year, wealth is flowing smoothly for the snake. You should place your money in long term investments. It is also a good year to pay all your debts and settle all accounts while the resources are available. 


There is a big chance of promotion for the Snake in your chosen career. Helpful people at work are present to help you accomplish those tasks at hand. Also take advantage of the good blessing you have around you. Repay favors and build bonds with your workmates. 

Love and Relationship 

The Peach blossom star, which is associated with romance is not that strong this year so single snakes will need extra effort to find the right partner. 


Health is also a big concern Snakes should be mindful for this year. Snakes are prone to accidents and injuries so take extra precaution especially when driving. 

Overall its a great year for people born under the year of the Snake. Make sure though to keep safe especially in terms of road safety. 

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Much Love! 

xx Alice


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