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Monday, December 22, 2014

Reasons Why SM Pampanga is AWESOME

 One of the malls that I go to a lot is SM. It may be SM North, SM mall of asia, or SM Cubao I still go to one because as their slogan goes they have it all for you. 

One of the things I like about SM malls is that they really do have it all.

From getting your movie fix to spending time with the kids SM definitely have it all. 

One of the places that I usually go to SM is their Cyberzone. I do love make up, clothes and shoes but checking out the latest gadgets out in the market is something I like more since I grew up that way. 

And one of the malls that I was really surprised to check out is SM Pampanga. Compared to the ones in Manila, Pampanga is definitely the longest mall in the Philippines! 

SM Pampanga has a total building length of 688 meters with a total gross floor area od 128,089 square meters. 

Imagine that to be a runway? 

Definitely one of the most unique if you ask me! 

100 models from Manila and Pampanga joined this event in which there will be stations they will feature the brands they are wearing. The coolest idea about this fashion show is that they mostly feature creations from an upcoming line of the participating brands. Some of the brands are Uniqlo, Lhasa, and lots more. 

The whole event was EPIC because people were following the models at each stop taking pictures and cheering them on. It was crazy yet fun because this is the first time I've seen that a fashion show is so near to the audience that they can just strut their stuff besides the models and have fun making the mall their runway as well. 

At each stop there was a small program like local singers, DJ Ace Ramos and home grown DJ Kevin bringing on the beats. There was even a dance number! 

And while we are at the subject of SM Pampanga being awesome did you guys know that they just opened a Sky Ranch in Pampanga? 

I actually can't pass up the opportunity to check it out for myself and my blogger friends.

The Sky Ranch Pampanga is on a 10,000 Square meter land of SM City Pampanga. It is located just at the side of SM Pampanga and one of the first things you will see is the Pampanga Eye or the Big Wheel. 

Being the tallest and biggest in the Philippines, given its 65 meters in height and 50 meters in diameter. The Pampanga Eye is composed of 32 air-conditioned gondolas that can accommodate up to 128 persons per cycle.

Another one is the double decker carousel. Designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany, this has a very classic and magical feel to it because of the design and its something that everyone remembers from childhood. 

Here are the list of the other rides Sky Ranch Pampanga offers!

- The Big Wheel 
- Loop Roller Coaster
- Octopus Ride
- Space Shuttle
- Bumper Boat
- Canoe Ride
- Convoy Tours
- Field Runner
- Super Viking
- Dream Log
- Music Express
- Express Train
- Mini Viking
- Gear Shift
- Drop Tower
- Kangaroo Jump
- Walk on Water
- Sky Cruiser
- Bungee Jump
- Wonder Flight

Check out SM Pampanga and also Sky Ranch Pampanga if ever you drop by Pampanga soon! Sky Ranch is definitely something worth checking out!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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