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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My First Blogger's Christmas Party!

Last December 13 I was able to experience my very first Christmas party with some bloggers who are under Filipino Bloggers Network! 

I wasn't really expecting anything because it was just like a chill out with other bloggers that some I have just met that day although we are under one network. Bloggers in Manila have really expanded that most of us are surprised at how many came despite the not so good weather and heavy traffic that we experienced going to the event. 

Our small get together was held at a unit model of Aluform Pre-fab home which I will share to you on a different post. One thing I can say is that the venue was really just like a clubhouse in a subdivision. It was really spacious and homey. 

Another thing I liked about Aluform's Pre-fab model unit is it has the perfect place to shoot a video! I know quite shallow if you ask me but I can't help thinking of having one of these and just occupying one room solely to film videos and not have a care about the lighting because the windows are so big. 

#YoutubersDream LOL 


What is my job in the party was to help out pack the loot bag for the other bloggers with my friend Zheyme! we had some goodies given to us by Lamoiyan and Light water. There was also some Oreos and Tang! I actually didn't expect a loot bag since it was just a chill out with other bloggers but it was really nice of the organizers to give us these treats. 

And of course since it a Christmas Party there will be the never-ending party games! I wasn't able to join because I was very busy with helping out but as I say it in Korean 괜찮아요 (It's fine) 
Credits to the owner :)

Speaking of party, I forgot to mention the food! I wasn't able to eat much but there were a lot of food that was provided to us by our generous sponsors! There was even a lechon. One of my favorites - which was Amber's Pansit Malabon and also their Pichi Pichi was present in our spread. 

Credits to the owner :)

Overall, We all had a great time! There was lots of food, games, prizes but the most important factor is we were able to meet up and get to know each other. 

Thank you so much to our wonderful sponsors for making our simple get together really nice. 

Credits to the owner :)

And also to Filipino Bloggers Network for being so warm in making my first Blogger's Christmas party a blast! hope to see you guys next year! 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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