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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Live Blogging: A Night at Aeternum

November 1 and 2 is a day where the world stops for a while and see their beloved ones that has departed. 

Most people actually take a leave and stay over the cemetery to be with their loved ones. I haven't done it to be honest and this is my first time. 

My dad is in Aeternum here at the Fort and currently I am staying over. If you think its just a normal columbary - You guessed wrong. 

Compared to last year, this year's attendees are for a treat by the team of Aeternum. This year is much more enjoyable because there are more food stalls and also there is a movie screening happening at the front of Aeternum. Some of the movies that were shown were Up and Insidious. Currently World War Z is showing outside. 

Another addition is there are a lot of tables and chairs available for those that are visiting. 

Will be checking back in a bit. 

Wish me luck in staying up LOL 

xx Alice


This just got better with the movie watching...they are currently playing The Walking Dead!

sorry for the epic fail shot :(

My camera doesn't work well with low lighting..

They are currently showing I think the second or third season. And I am enjoying it!

The number of people have dwindled a little though but still there are a lot of people watching.

One of the things you can do here while passing time? take a stroll! Its really quite an exercise if you tried it but its worth it. Another cool thing I saw is the moon! Its like reddish adding a ghostly effect when you are here at night.

So yeah.. I will be back in 30 mins so better check back ok?

xx Alice

Updated 2:09AM

The walking dead marathon is finished... now they are just playing some music outside...

Now I know how it feels to be bored to death..get it? *insert awkward laugh*

The lights keep fluctuating for some reason. But nothing to be scared.

If you are wondering where I am blogging I am blogging using my laptop here at Aeternum. They have the place covered with WiFi so if you want to check on your instagram or twitter feed you can check it here without a worry.

well.. I think I will be watching some vLogs because to be honest there aren't a lot of people and also things to do besides walking around.

I am feeling a bit hungry but I think I'll just stay put and catch up on some youtube videos.

xx Alice

Update 3:25AM

Do you have that feeling that someone is watching you? kidding!

I am not trying to scare you guys so don't worry.

Currently I have just finished watching 8 youtube videos. Thank you Aeternum for the very fast WiFi connection! I swear its really fast and I am loving it. I went outside for a while and chatted with the security to keep my sanity in check because if you are me and you are in a place like this that is super quiet you might go bonkers too.

One of the things I love about this place is there are cats! 2 of them actually. One is a tri-colored and one is a black and white kitty. They are really nice and they are very friendly. I tried playing with them and it was fun. I tell you sometimes a girl need is a cat to keep her going.

I am not making sense am I? oh well..

Its not that cold outside which is good because I don't have a jacket with me and I would definitely tell myself to bring one the next time I do this.

Someone just called me earlier and checked up on me because they thought I was at home and asked if I want to go out and drink - sorry guys can't drink tonight because I'm with my dad.

Okay I think I need to walk this off because my brain is telling me to either drink some coffee or get some sleep - not planning on getting either.


xx Alice

Update 4:26AM

Yep still awake and hyper here!

Oh yeah THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH TO Ms. Cherry Burwell for this idea and also to sir Vince for the idea and letting me stay over.

Although even if I didn't ask if you have a unit here at Aeternum you can drop by even at 4 in the morning.

Seriously my stomach is like growling and I have to keep it at bay with coffee...which I told you guys that I won't be taking because it makes me hyper - just like sugar and what it does to a kid.

Here we go again... brain fart nanaman

There are some music playing outside although at times there are some roaring engine sounds that comes from the airplanes. But its quiet here so some of those are nice to keep me in check.

You know writing at Aeternum can be a great experience because its quiet and also its really peaceful. I've actually finished writing 5 draft articles for this week in the span that I didn't update this so imagine that right?

My mom just called and asked if I haven't crawled inside my dad's vault.

And no Ma I haven't crawled inside yet thank you very much haha! One of my readers is my mom. She may not be that tech-y but she makes sure to check my blog once in a while.

I tell you my mind just flies around when my surroundings are like this.

I'll keep you guys in check if ever my brain goes haywire LOL.


xx Alice

PS. will update the pictures camera is charging..

Update 5:13AM

Seriously my stomach is killing me.


I'm going crazy because of hunger.

But then I have 3 sachets of Nescafe 3 in 1 so I think I will survive for a couple of hours. But still...MA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my mom will be reading this at 8 AM so I hope you would bring me a bag full of treats from our wonderful kitchen when you get here.

Seriously I am dead hungry...and yes please laugh at that joke haha! *insert awkward laughter sounds*

Oh yeah for the past hour or so I have been drowning myself in water and a cup of coffee, watching some buzzfeed and also been doing some thinking.

Why is the world round?

Why did I signed up for this? 


oh yeah.. because I'm hungry.

Seriously I am getting paranoid and I think my dad is inside the office..or its just me?

NOTE TO SELF: Next time you do an overnight stay MAKE.SURE.TO.BRING.SOME.FOOD. you get hungry easily remember? *facepalm

There are only 5 things in my bag when I went here.

1. A bottle of water.
2. My gadgets
3. Clean shirt and underwear
4. Coffee
5. Money.

And I think the security heard my stomach because he gave me some chocolates yey!

Thank you kuya! You are a stomach saver!

Oh well I think I need to much on these because I really go crazy.


xx Alice

ps. I love you na butterfingers I am sorry I hated you for the past 10 years of my life.

Update: 6:08AM

Still awake! and yes there is light!


My mom hasn't called yet so either she is still asleep or she is in the market doing usual mom stuff.

I can't believe that I have stayed up this early...I think you can say that right? I am very honest when I say that usually on Sundays its either I am still sleeping at this time. I normally sleep around 3am if I stayed in.

I sound so bratty at the previous update and I am so sorry about it. Luckily the chocolates will do the trick and keep me calm. I think a little sunshine would give me more energy.

plant lang ang peg te?


As of now I am just chillin like a villain here. I think I will be doing some stretching later on so I don't feel sleepy later on.

Wish me luck.


xx Alice  

Update: 7:15am

Slowly there are more people visiting their loved ones here at Aeternum.

I've seen about 3 people dropped by.

There are some that are just walking around while some that are getting some grub from the food tent.

And if you are wondering why I was saying I was hungry when there is a food tent here..let's just say my wallet is slowly depleting and I can't buy food at the moment. Which reminds me.

There are about 5 restaurants that are available at the nearest food tent here like Brickfire, KFC, Fruitas, and some other food establishments I can't remember.

There is Zagu but that is a bit far where I'm at.

Its quite sunny outside so its really a great time to walk around. Its not too hot out yet.

As for the movie watching? I heard there will be another one later till noon but I don't know the list of movies that will be shown. As of now there are just music playing outside.

There are still more people coming yey!

I should get walking...for some exercise. I need it badly.

will finally be posting some pictures later for you guys to see.


xx Alice

Update: 8:37AM

Still alive! haha! Ate Beth (one of the care takers here at Aeternum) was shocked to see me still awake.


But before that I went for a walk around Aternum to take pictures. Its kinda hot already outside so I didn't take too many shots. My eyes are starting to sting from the sunshine.

There isn't much people again *sigh* I think most of them are in the food tents to get breakfast or they went home.

Me so all alone again..

I also passed by Enzo Pastor's vault and prayed a little. I may not know the guy but saying a prayer to someone for him to find peace is like giving a lending hand to a friend. I actually do this to my dad's 'neighbors'

Speaking of my papa here he is! I'm not sure if its one of my siblings who dropped the flowers and gave him a candle yesterday but I really appreciate it.

Aeternum Garden actually doesn't allow candles that emit smoke in the columbary so make sure to bring a no-smoke kind. If you can't find one you can buy one in their office. the small one is 100 php while a big candle is 150 php each.

And now I will be having my second cup of coffee and some Reese's pieces. My mom will be so surprised by this haha!


xx Alice

Update 9:50AM

And I'm back!

And because I didn't post that much pictures during the wee hours of the night I will make your eyes feast at the pictures I took.

And unfortunately guys there wouldn't be anymore film showing later. I just noticed that the LED was taken down earlier. Too bad right? I bet there will be another one next year so keep your fingers crossed.

Compared to last night, there aren't much people anymore here at Aeternum and also at Heritage Park. I just noticed that some of the tents that were set up there had packed up.

There are still some that drop by but only for a few minutes. Some just to take pictures like the one above. The place seems...more quiet.

The sky is really bright and there isn't really any sign that it might rain anytime soon.

 I tried doing some 'artsy' shots while I'm at it using my Olympus camera.

I just noticed that compared to last night most people don't even spend as long as 30 minutes in the columbary. There was one family that stayed for about 15 minutes and they left. It saddens me a bit because it looked like they just dropped off the mail or laundry in which you should really spend time with the departed.

I am turning melodramatic for some reason which I normally wouldn't be.

May be its because it is Sunday right? Let me know your thoughts below.


xx Alice

Update: 11:08AM

Energy...slowly dying...

well. kind of.

I am slowly feeling the effects of no sleep and now no food source.

I don't have my coffee anymore. So I am just waiting for my family to come and feed me.

There were some families that went here..there were some that stayed longer than 15 minutes. It was really nice because there were like 3 generations that went and visited one person.

As for the food stalls, they are still there although I see some are packing up already.

#juicecolored I am so hungry right now I can eat the plants outside.

I have ward off myself trying to check my instagram feed because I know there will be TONS of Food porn in that thing at this hour.

I dreaded going out too. Its hotter unlike earlier. Its tolerable if you ask me since there are a lot of shades...but I just can't. My energy is slowly depleting I don't think my head can take it.

Ma where are you????

slowly dying here...TTYL

xx Alice

Update: 12:08PM

As of 11:15AM my mom texted me saying: Kamusta ka na? Ok ka lang ba?

I texted her earlier saying that I am hungry.


Sometimes my mom is just...never mind.

I cringed at the pictures on facebook earlier because I am hungry. I am basically ranting because I am hungry. And if you are thinking why not just buy something at the food tent?

Well lets just say I am a cheapskate and I would like some homemade grub. And besides my mom would be here in about 1-2 hours I can still hold it off...I guess.

Thankfully there is water available. I can also buy some soda if I want some flavor into what I'm drinking. There is a fridge full of it in the Aeternum office in which you guys can buy. As for me? I will just settle with good old water here.

So far so good I am seeing more people coming at the columbary.

One funny instance actually is everytime someone enters the office and see me they think I am part of the Aeternum team haha!

I can't help but laugh internally to this!

I will try to go out and get some sun. Just for my mind to clear up basically.

So I will talk to you guys in a while ok?


xx Alice


To be honest, after the last update I packed up my laptop and just waited in front of my dad's vault. My brain was not functioning well that I just packed up.

It was kinda saddening because by November 2 there weren't much people visiting. I was able to see the Martinez clan before me and my family left Aeternum.

The food tent was gone at about 5pm and every one was packing up to go back to their normal lives.

Overall I felt more close to my own 'calm' self when I stayed over my papa's place.

Aeternum is really nice even after November you can stay over for the night. I might do it again but not anytime soon. I think I just need to bring more stuff than what I bought the first time.

And yes. I will bring either more money or more food.

And maybe bring a friend along because staying overnight on my own kinda made me crazier haha!

Care to join me next time?

See you soon! and thank you again to Ms. Cherry Burwell and Sir Vince for this! I really appreciate it!

Much Love and TTYL

xx Alice


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