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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Global Hand washing Day

I have two hands' the left and the right
Hold them up high' so clean and bright
Clap them softly
One' two' three
Clean little hands are good to see

Remember this nursery rhyme? 

I remember when I was younger my mom usually sing this to me so I can remember to wash my hands. Its actually a great song to remember that clean hands are really good to see and also beneficial too in our lifestyle!

Hands in particular is the easiest way that germs can get passed on from one person to another. A simple hand to hand contact can spread mild conditions such as colds to more life-threatening diseases.

With that being said, Unilever is one with the world in the importance of clean hands for a healthier life. I am really honored that I was part of this advocacy because I too believe that a clean hand can ward off common diseases such as colds, coughs and flu. 

Part of the program is showing the kids that a clean set of hand is really best. One of their speakers is from Unicef's Pau Gasol that showed the kids that clean hands are really a great way to keep off the germs and stay in school. 

Another celebrity sighting at the event is none other than Jericho Rosales! My goodness the feels my friend! The feels! He is rendering no make up but still looks great with the ever so gorgeous Dimples Romana. 

Along with the reigning Ms. Universe Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa, the audience were asked to stand up and took a pledge in keeping our hands clean for a brighter future. 

Lets all raise our hands and say yes to a bright future with Unilever!

Make sure to check Unilever's Facebook page for more pictures and updates!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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