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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You Only Live Well Once, Make sure to Leave it Well at Aeternum

You guys know that my dad is in heaven now right? 

The day he passed was the most heart breaking day of my life. I remember crying my eyes out that even if there are no more tears coming out I still cried, that is how much I love him. 

Papa - as I call him, is the first guy in my life that taught me so many things, from household chores to even fixing televisions and air conditioning units! That his passing away never really came to mind. 

And when the day that we have to put him to his resting place I cringed at the thought of leaving him in a vault - a cold square-like box and just visit him from time to time. My father is the life of the party and the man that can make me laugh with his weird antics so leaving him in a box that seems really cold isn't fit for him.

But thankfully my sister gave him a special place to rest that doesn't even look like a columbary - in Aeternum. 

Aeternum is the First true garden columbary in the Philippines. Located at Fort Bonifacio, this 5 hectare land of The Fort Park Estates Inc. is more than your ordinary resting place for your departed loved ones.

Its actually like a heaven for the departed and the living. 

The name itself means Eternity in Latin, which also symbolizes the everlasting love we have for our departed even after they left.

Its complete with a wide space to hold picnics that me and some bloggers were able to experience last Saturday.

We were given a tour of the whole place - which to be honest, I don't need because I have been visiting this place almost every 2 weeks if possible so I kinda know the place even with my eyes closed.

Aeternum has a chapel that can serve as the viewing area before cremation of your loved ones. They also have a family room that families can borrow on occasions like Anniversaries or celebrating the birthday of their beloved. 

One thing I love about Aeternum is that you won't feel that you are in a columbary.

The Columbary is a two-story structure that has a unique architectural design that resembles a flower. I like the design because its really wide and airy that if you are there you won't have that heavy feeling that someone left you. 

One of the things that Aeternum boasts is the security and privacy you will have here if you want a solemn occasion with your beloved one even if it is beside C5 road. 

As per experience, Aeternum is really a great place for the whole family because it is very kid-friendly. 

When my papa passed away and we brought him here, I remember my niece was about 2 years old at the time and when we brought her there she didn't feel scared because the place is really peaceful that it wouldn't shock a kid that this is the resting place of her beloved Lolo.

Up until this day if possible I bring my niece and nephew with me to visit their lolo Manny (as they call him). My niece in particular is very close to him because he usually takes care of her when my brother asks us to take care of this munchkin. 

Apart from the columbary, there is a wide space within the vicinity that is great for kids to run around and a pond that is great to take picture with.

If you are looking for a good resting place for your loved ones in the future I would suggest Aeternum. 

For more information on how to avail a vault at Aeternum, you can visit their office the Aeternum Garden Columbary at C5 Corner Bayani Road Heritage Park Area 2, Taguig City. 

Contact number: (02) 401 1303
Facebook: Aeternum Park Estates
Twitter and Instagram: @Aeternumgarden

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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