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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Get Luxury Sleep with SleepWorth

Do you know the one luxury item EVERYONE craves for? 

Its a full night of sleep. 

Normally, it is required by our body to sleep a full 8 hours to recuperate from the daily...beating and stress throughout the day. And as much as possible its really best to get enough sleep because surprisingly besides from recuperation it also improves our memory and spurs our creative side. 

With that being said, getting good quality mattresses and other sleeping essentials is key to getting great sleep. 

Sleepworth is one of the products I would say can bring great sleep because of their environment-friendly materials and great skilled work in creating and crafting great sleeping essentials that can make us say Sweet Dreams!

Sleepworth mattresses are hand-stuffed and hand-quilted and thoroughly inspected to check its true value - which is to promote good sleep for its users and patrons. Sleepworth mattresses are made with 100% recycled cotton fabric which brings a cooling effect to the body which is perfect during those scorching hot nights here in the Philippines and other tropical countries. 

It also has a patented dimple design that keeps the mattress leveled and stable to provide just the right support for the back while allowing proper air circulation - just by reading it makes me crave to lay down to be honest. 

Sleepworth is produced by HOME EXPRESSIONS CONCEPTS, INC. (HECI) which is a family-run and operated enterprise which is owned by Ms. Filipinas Katly Torres. HECI is one of the most notable names in manufacturing and also designing great quality cotton sleeping essentials. As it is a family-run company you would know that they would really think of a great products for the family. 

Today, Sleepworth as being their flagship brand, HECI aims to provide a great range of cotton mattresses and polyester accessories that will suit every budget and need! 

Now there is no need to spend a lot to get a great night of sleep! 

Check out Sleepworth at to see more!

Much Love!

xx Alice


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