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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ATAT Racing Team (ART) Invades Philippine Superbike Championship

For the adrenaline junkies, Last October 5 2014 was definitely one to be put to the books as the top motorcycle teams will be heading neck to neck with the Philippine Super Bike Championship. 

Any Time All the Time (ATAT) Racing team is one of the teams that are one of the teams contending for the different divisions of the Philippine Super Bike Champion ship in Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. 

I am really honored to be part to be part of the said event so here are some of the highlight of the game.

On the Race results of the Open Category Jevis Aguila placed as the top of the roster while in second is Jay Carron. Sixth place is with Vince Mercado while at the seventh is Lawrence Macalinao. 

In the Category A of the competition JC Villanueva topped the roster while Richard Panlilio is at the seventh spot. 

In the Category B Mervil Pullon topped this category while Myke Torres placed fourth. 

At the Ducati Cup leg there were some incidents that happened due to weather conditions.  There were some contenders that slipped off the circuit thankfully there were no serious injuries. 

In the end, ATAT Racing got 9 trophies and won in 3 classes in the competition.

One of the main winners were Lawrence Macalinao getting the SBK Novice Champion, Pirelli Cup Open Division 1 runner up overall, and Ducati Cup novice 1st runner up. Jay Carrion a.k.a Red Rider won the Ducati cup champion Intermediate. Jvs Aguila won the Pirelli Cup Open Division as the overall champion. Myke Torres being the Pirelli Cup class B champion. Myke Torres won the Class B Pirelli Cup Champion. Vince Mercado won the Dicati Cup Open Division as the first runner up. JC Villanuva as Pirelli Cup Class A as first runner up. And Richard Panlilio as 2nd runner up for Ducati Cup Inter intermediate category.

Jvs Aguila won the race 1 by 6 seconds while at race 2 it was declared a wet race due to the downpour that happened before the race. He crashed on the 2nd lap of race 2 but willed to carry on and finished the race in 2nd place making him the overall champion!

Using their All Italian bikes from Aprillia and Ducati ATAT Racing Team really raced to the top and burned some rubber in that 4.2KM circuit for so many laps.

With their strong friendship and sheer passion for motorcycling ATAT Racing Team reappy made a lot of impact in their races.

Thank you ATAT Racing team for introducing me further in the art of motorcycle racing. Also a big thank you to ATAT Racing Teams sponsors and supporters: Technomarine, Assurant, IPM-CDC Waste Management, Foilacar, Brickfire, Megaworld, WFMA, sleepworth handmade sleep essentials, Jill's Bar, and Tuason Racing.

I really had fun watching the games that up until now my voice hasn't recover. I was cheering them to the fullest and I can't wait for a new season this 2015 to see these guys their mad skills. I will definitely be near the tracks for that!

There will still be more to come for ATAT Racing Team and also ATAT Motorcycle club so stay tuned! We have something cooking for all racing junkies out there so make sure to visit ATAT

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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