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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Anatomiya ng Korupsyon: A Satire about today's times.

I haven't done a movie review since... I can't remember but I'll be sharing to you guys this film I watched a couple of days ago. 

Anatomiya ng Korupsyon (Anatomy of Corruption) is a 2011 film directed by Dennis Marasigan. It stars Sid Lucero, Ricky Davao and also Maricar Reyes. The film basically talks about the anatomy of corruption. Corruption is such a broad subject because it can be about corruption in terms of office politics and even the government. 

Set during the 70's possibly during the Marcos era due to the fact there was a Marcos picture that was posted on the wall in the first sequence of the film. It is situated in a Family court setting.  We see Cely (Played by Maricar Reyes) who is an idealistic young lawyer that is a new hire to replace the previous one. 

Armed with confidence, enthusiasm to help and a lots of morality unfortunately that was put to waste because of the corruption that riddled to their office. Cely refuses the fact that her colleagues has no shame in dealing with corruption from her immediate superior to even the judge! 

Even though the film is heavily bombarded with all the things that most Pinoys try not to see, the film is also laced with satire to make you laugh and chuckle at least with the predicaments that the characters in the film go through. I can't help but laugh at some parts when the court stenographer Bok was not able to claim his 'take' during an arraignment. 

Maricar Reyes' acting in the film is really believable. She held on to the character as if she is really Cely - filled with the morality that what she does is merely helping people without asking anything too much after it. I feel empathy with Reyes' character because she was ganged up and crushed by the same people who promised to do what is right. 

Sid Lucero and Ricky Davao made their characters someone I was want to claw to death. They really played their roles well that even though its just a film you would feel like clawing your nails through their eyes because of the disgusting things their characters do - this is me and my anger problems sometimes but trust me I wouldn't hurt anyone if I'm not provoked. 

Over all I think the movie is worth watching especially of the younger generations. There is one exception that I didn't really like - at the end. The ending was quite confusing with the black out then the footage of the NBN-ZTE hearings where Jun Lozada (if you still remember him ) played.

The whole film already spoke of the corruption we are going through. This is a very unfortunate instance that I think a lot of us still see on the news daily. 

Corruption is a crime no matter who you are. And also its not just us that see your wrong doing but also someone above us. 

I would recommend this film because it is really an eye opener to those that don't know what is happening. 

If you have seen this movie make sure to drop a comment below. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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