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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WTF?! Rape T-Shirt Sold at SM?!


I have been seeing this post in my thread for the past  8 hours upon posting this article and might I saw that it is something everyone should be involved in. 

The picture in questions is this one posted by Karen Kunawicz of a T-Shirt sold in SM Department stores that says Its not rape, its just snuggle with a struggle. 

To be honest I feel appalled with this statement shirt because it sensationalizes Rape as being a normal thing to teenage boys. 


I believe these shirts are part of a collection made by The Boys Night Out which have their own statement shirts that are sold at the same department stores. 

In my opinion there are 2 people at fault in this - SM and BNO. 

SM for approving of such statement shirt to be sold in their department store in which I believe is a store that is for everyone. And with BNO for coming up with such shirt - I know its catchy and all but guys I know you have a more mature mind than this! 

I am really displeased with this and I think its not a good statement to have for a young boy wear one because in the long run the person who owns this kind of shirt might think that its okay to rape - IT.IS.NOT. 

I do hope that SM and Boys Night Out would release statements in regards to this because it is a very alarming issue that concerns the younger generations. 

That is all. 

How about for you? What do you think about this issue?

UPDATE 7:00PM of September 23, 2014

Sam YG of Boys Night Out has clarified that the shirt in question is not part of their BNO shirt line.

To those that have been commenting on these on a negative tone, I am nearly stating MY opinion and not writing about it just because its trending. And above all, the information that I got this was from a news website from a big news network shared to me by my friends. 

I am not bashing BNO in any way  because I too am a listener of their show that is why I feel appalled if these came from the guys I listen to every Monday to Thursday because I know that they are not capable of such. 

All comments are moderated on this blog and the author has a right to approve them or not. 

xx Alice 


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