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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Pressure of Being Perfect.

In this era, you have to act a certain way to be accepted. 

You have to wear the right clothes, walk a certain way, talk a certain way and basically just be a different version of yourself. 

I have been judged about being loud, being boisterous and such. I admit, if you encounter me at some events there will be a 99.5% chance you noticed me because of how loud I am. I do admit of this because it is true. But if you tell me to keep it down I wouldn't take it personally because I know that. And I am terribly sorry.  

Just like that I get judged of being a less educated person - by people who haven't even met and talked to me! I was once called off if I was able to finish college with my attitude

My response: I graduated college because of this attitude. 

I was called off several times not just for being loud but other things as well like for one is my figure. Most beauty bloggers are expected to look all dolled up and dressed to the nines. Think of like being less jeans more skirts kind.

I do admit dressing like so makes you look more feminine and also more presentable. But sometimes dressing like a barbie doll doesn't suit me. I actually pains me dressing up in gowns in some strictly formal family events when I was younger because I don't like it - but I have to because my mom said so.

But as a blogger I think I have to get used to it. And also there is no sense bitching out about it every single time. I do promise that there will be less jeans you would see me in and more dresses and skirts.

I feel bad though for those beauty bloggers that has to do that every single time. Because the pressure of being perfect is so hard to do. What is a girl to do - What is a beauty blogger to do?

I know I have said that I am more into lifestyle events now than beauty right? That doesn't mean I have shunned being a beauty blogger. I will always be one since I started as one and will continue to be one.

I know I am not perfect and that what makes me unique and makes me stand out. It does have its cons but sometimes being the odd ball from the group makes life more exciting.

To those that feel the pressure of being perfect hard - don't stress about it. I feel what you are going through and one thing I can say is don't let yourself be lost in all of this and still hold on to your true self. Find good people that accept it but still would keep you in check if you are going over board.

You will be a better person with them because they know that you can't change to being perfect but you can try to be a better version of that.

Much Love.



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