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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ride with ATAT Motorcycle Club this weekend!

This September 26-28 the ATAT Motorcycle Club (which stands for Any Time All the Time ) will be having its first official long ride for 2014 to Baguio as they commemorate their new set of officers for 2014 to 2015 with President Charlie Carlos Ride. 

ATAT was founded back in 2002 when Kiko Bernardo, Teddy Lim, and Elton Ong; three long-time friends got together after realizing their passion for motorbikes.

From the group of three, they started to grow and had many impromptu rides at any given time at any moments notice thus they got the name ATAT - Any Time All the Time. Together with Alberto Matias, the group decided to name the group because in our native language if you translate the phrase it describes someone who is very eager and impatient to do something. 

To be honest, I do like their name because that means that because of their passion for motorbikes they are willing to drop anything to enjoy riding in their motorbikes. As its peak ATAT has now a total of 45 members. 

And now on its 12th year, ATAT Motorcycle club has established itself as being one of the premier motorcycle clubs in the Philippines. With its 24 members, despite their busy schedules and day to day duties their friendship has evolved into a deeper sense of camaraderie and brotherhood of passionate bikers. 

The members consists of : Elton Ong, Benjie Ladra, Abet Matias, Marc de Joya, Charlie Carlos, 
Raymond Hallare, Vince Mercado, Felix Luakian, Mervin Pullon,Francis Varela, Paolo Vialu, 
Rei Lagamia, Mayie Capinpin , Oliver Jimeno, JC Villanueva, AJ Maralit, Aaron Macalinao 

Follow their ride schedule and adventures by liking ATAT MC on Facebook. Get ready with 
them as ATAT Racing Team heads on to Clark International Speedway this October 4 & 5 and 
witness the much awaited 4th leg of the Ducati Cup 2014 andAny Time All the Time Motorcycle 
Club (ATAT MC).

See you guys there! 

Happy Riding! 

xx Alice 


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