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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Laging Good Vibes with Dolfenal

As a young girl I remember getting pains in the lower abdomen during those days that you just want to crawl under your bed covers and let the pain go away.

This feeling is similar with a migraine and toothache. But of course if we can do that how about other things that we need to do during the day?

Thankfully we have Dofenal for that. 

Last September 10, Mefenamic Acid Dolfenal officially introduced its latest campaign #LagingGoodVibes.

The event was like a kids party because of the myriad of candies and treats that were in store to those that were invited in the launch. 

As part of the launch, We were given a glimpse of the #LagingGoodVibes episode featuring Ramon Bautista and Youtube Sensation/ actress Ashley Rivera a.k.a Petra Mahalimuyak. The videos were a video mash up of Good Vibes Vs. Bad Vibes dances featuring Rivera and Bautista while in pain of Dysmenorrhea, migraine, and toothache then going to a good vibes dance. 

There was also a Question and Answer portion with Dolfenal's representative in which she answered some questions regarding how to handle pain and also the likes. It was very informative because as young as 14 years old you can take Dolfenal to ease the pain that you are feeling. 

Youtube Sensatin and actress Ashley Rivera a.k.a Petra Mahalimuyak is also there to personally teach us the good vibes dance move. 

There were also some games like the Donut Eating contest and an hour of singing with a live acoustic band to showcase the fun of having no pain from toothache and migraine. 

Despite the gloomy weather outside we all had fun with all the activities at the event. It was really nice meeting Ashley a.k.a Petra Mahalimuyak and also knowing that #LagingGoodVibes with Dolfenal. 

Dolfenal 250 mg tablet is available for only 12php per capsule through leading drugstores nationwide. You can also consult your doctor about it. 

Check out Dolfenal's Webisodes by liking Dolfenal on Facebook and also visiting their Youtube channel

Basta #LagingGoodVibes Mag-Dolfenal

Much Love! 



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