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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Be a Blogger

I know you guys would ask me this question: I know you do! 

Being a blogger for somewhat 4 years seems such a short time but I have blogging longer than that. 

I have been blogging for 10 years already! I first started a personal blog then at 2010 I started doing beauty reviews for the sheer fun of it. 

I wasn't in the events - I didn't even know they existed! 

Nor was the free stuff because I rarely get free stuff from brands before. 

But here are some 10 things you might want to know if you want to be a blogger. 

1. Learn how to write. 

Writing is very simple they say. But you have to make an impact if you want to be a credible blogger. Make your posts very reliable and also something the reader can really relate to. Make it coherent for the reader to easily understand. You can use highfalutin words but make sure that at the end of the post the reader gets it. 

2. Be Ready to be Judged. 

Its very easy to be a blogger, the only hard part is when you are judged by it. People will judge you from your appearance to your grammar. Make room for that in your heart and your brain because it will come. 

3. Learn to accept mistakes. 

A simple grammar mistake is okay. Doing a whole shenanigan of it on the internet is the same. Learn how to accept that you are only human. There will be days that your grammar is jiving with you there will be days that you will curse yourself shit full of things that you wished you could have done. 

4. If Attending events - Network yourself. 

You are a blogger - You have your own brand that means to get more invites to events learn how to network yourself. Be sociable on events because there will  be a huge chances that you will be rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers of this field.

5. Find a mentor. 

Just like any other fields, its not easy to be just on your own. You will be other bloggers that have been in the industry longer than you so its really best to get a mentor to get your act up together. Your mentor can help you improve your writing, your style, and also amp up your network. Your mentor is your friend that you can trust and can also help you understand that the blogosphere is a crazy world.

6. Not everyone can be your friend. 

The blogosphere is like high school. Everyone is like your friend - but not everyone can be your friend. Learn how to categorize bloggers that you think you can really be friends with or just an acquaintance. 

7. Stick to what your mama taught you. 

If your mama taught you not to meddle in other people's business make sure to do that. Stick to your core principles because it will make you more credible in this field. 

8. Learn to utilize what you have.

I  started blogging with only a cellphone camera to take pictures and videos. Not having a HD digital camera didn't stopped me in pursuing this field. Learn to utilize what you have into your own advantage because that means you are willing to take small steps into success. 

9. Don't be in just for the freebies, lootbag, tokens etc. 

Once that you have started attending events, there will be times that you get loots or tokens from the PRs or organizer of the event. Its great and all but don't expect every event to be the same. Don't expect that there will be a loot bag at the end of the event. DO expect a press release or maybe some other information your might use on your blog. 

10. Do not give up. 

Blogging will have its highs and lows. Don't be alarmed if you only got this kind of views and you didn't get invited - Deal with it. Not everything will go with what you want so in my words just wing it and move on. 

These are just some of the tips I can give on being a blogger. Its not easy being one because you will really have some times that you will feel you want to quit and move on but if you want to succeed you really have to get up and do more because you will not go anywhere if you will just stay where you fell...if that made sense haha! 

Overall I think that blogging is a great way to release stress, meet new people and even be your source of living. I have earned somewhat here I would say but its not entirely on monetary value but more of the experience because each day that I have been blogging makes me love it more. 

Much Love! 



Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

Thank you Alice I love this post, noobs should definitety read this. Especially true on the lootbag aspect and people should evaluate their primary purpose for blogging (for me it's expression!)

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