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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Create Your Own Home with Project First Home

Imagine building your own home from scratch - without any knowledge of it. To be honest, my parents did that and unfortunately there are a lot of things needed to be changed in our current house. 

I don't really blame my parents with what our house looked like - They didn't do their research that well so our house came out looking really different to what I had in mind. 

I don't really prefer others to get to that predicament so I suggest you get this book by John Aguilar entitled Project: First Home. 

The book is a comprehensive guidebook that teacher first time Filipino home builders how to build their dream house from the ground up. It is basically everything you need to know in building your first house from scratch. 

John  Aguilar is also the creator and executive producer of the Philippine's longest running real estate and construction TV show entitled Philippine Realty TV. The foreword of the book is written by renowned Architect Felino "Jun" Palafox Jr. who I am really honored to meet because Mr. Palafox was really nice to give us pointers in picking the right spot and also other aspects in building our dream homes. 

Going back to the book: Project: First Home takes inspiration to the first season of Philippine Realty TV where they documented the construction of John Aguilar's first house from the aspects of designing the house to its constructions all the way to the finishing touches and furnishing of the whole house. 

Some of the chapters includes how to find the perfect lot; securing a home loan; finding and hiring the design and construction team among others. 

Another special chapter in the book is dedicated to being green and disaster adaptive home designs against typhoon and flooding. 

I really find this book helpful that I actually purchased one for my mom to read. So far my mom has been reading it and learning a lot because she is planning (once again!) in re-constructing our house because she finds it stuffy now. 

But if  you want something more accessible to your phone this book is also available on and E-book version which also contains interactive tools and videos linked to Project:First Home series on Youtube and also links to important websites of government agencies, supplies, and organizations. 

“Project: First Home” is now available in all Fully Booked and Wilcon Depot branches nationwide. The Ebook is also available for download through the Buqo App.For inquiries and bulk purchases, contact Second Wind Publishing at Tel. (02) 621-4635 or email  for more information on the book and airing schedules of Philippine Realty TV.

Go get yourself Project: First Home and learn how to build your first home. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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