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Thursday, September 25, 2014

All Things Hair for Pinays Now Available

Most Filipinas - myself included like to search about hair-related things. Most of us go to Youtube especially to get the answers.We do get results but as much as trusting international youtubers - The problem is usually they would recommend products that are not available here in the Philippines.And also with the weather and our hair type the answer we found wouldn't really solve it right?

Personally I get really frustrated because when I need to get that the last possible option is to buy the item online which costs me more money and the waiting time of course. 

Thankfully there is one channel now on youtube that would cater to Filipinos concern with hair problems. Wherein beauty solutions can be accessed with the corresponding products that are available in the market. 

I am really honored to be part of their launch last September 18 where in they also introduced the video bloggers that would be doing the tutorials like Laureen Uy of; Angel Nepumuceno of;Kelly Misa of; Nicole Andersson of and also James and Phil Younghusband for the male viewers. 

The event was really nice because after the launch you could go to the styling stations for each blogger and they can assist you in getting that style fit for you. 

I was really thankful because I was able to ask the hair stylist in the venue what can be a suitable style for my thin wavy hair and I am really excited to try it out soon! 

So if you are looking for some hair inspirations on that special day and tips make sure to subscribe to

Special thanks to Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo :) 

Much Love! 



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