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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Go on a Ghost Tour? SURE~!

I am a HUGE fan of ghost-related stuff. From Television shows to movies - especially Fatal Frame.
That games makes my blood boil and my soul transport to another dimension when I freak out from it.

But what if you can experience that in real life? Would you like to do it?  

If your answer is yes I will share this to you and just a bit of an insight - if you are a skeptic this is a must try.

Last Friday I went on a ghost tour with some of my blogger friends from Wazzup Pilipinas. Initially I thought this tour was just a joke to freak us out but right when I stepped into the foyer of the house I felt something different. 

Okay before I tell you all about my experience I would just like to say that going on a ghost tour is different from each participant. Unlike myself, some of the other participants in the tour didn't really feel anything unlike what I have felt so basically 

Do not think that this is just gonna be like a horror movie. 

The house that we went to is actually didn't looked like a haunted house. It had a lot of character that when we first arrived I was at awe. Its a very beautiful house somewhere in QC. The house was built in the early 80's and it was inspired by castles.

Most parts of the house is built with granite - which scientifically said to attract  unknown energies.

In the beginning of the tour we were told of some terms and conditions in the tour

1. If you experience shortness of breath or light headed let the tour guide know about it. 
2. Observe silence in the tour because its very important that you do not disturb the people that live in the house - both living and other beings. 
3. Refrain from taking too much pictures - for the privacy of the owner of the house of course. 

The tour was conducted by members of the Profilers of the Unknown. I was actually really interested in some of the things they mention like the types of haunting. There are actually two types which are the Residual and the Intellectual.

The difference between the two is with residual haunting the entity doesn't acknowledge you and they will just do what they want. With Intellectual they can interact with you. 

Which one would you pick? hahaha kidding!

one of the weirdest 'foot' prints I've seen in my life.

Okay now the tour actually lasts about three hours and don't think that you will be screaming a lot on the tour - trust me. 

The mansion had 4 - yes 4 attics! We only got to tour 2 of them which I think were one of the biggest attics I've been. Imagine the ones from the American movies that you saw but bigger. 

The last attic that we went was where I felt a hand touch me on my arms and neck as if it was checking if I was the ghost! I didn't tell the tour guide about this because I thought it was just the breeze but then I remembered I was too far from any vents or windows that time. 

There was also a game room that we went through where me and some other bloggers heard a loud moan. At first we thought it was just one of us stretching but then no one confirmed it. I also saw a silhouette of a small child run across the hall when we were at the first attic we visited. It was like a child wants to play hide and seek with me. 

One interesting place in the house is their Dining/Living room area because it has a very medieval feel into it - If you watch Game of Thrones you would know what I'm talking about. Another thing you could say that makes it so cool is the whole ceiling is made of tomb stones! I saw some that has the date of deaths which were so creepy. 

Another thing that made an impact to me is I noticed that there were a lot of chandeliers made of antlers which represent the power of the earth, birth and rebirth according to some occult books I've read before. 

There were also a lot of owl related items like a big owl installation in the house which according to our tour guide the owner of the house didn't really had a fascination with it before they moved in the house. The occult meaning of the Owl is wisdom. 

At the near end of the tour that is where I heard more than what I have to hear. First is I heard some running in the garden as if there were people running. Then to the storage area where I heard a person said Paul in a very eerie voice then some marching done with soldiers with their rifles. 

At the end of the tour I felt a bit tired from touring the house. Besides from touring the house the experienced made me tired because it has been quite some time since I used my ability. And yes I will admit to you guys that I have an ability to sense a presence but this whole experience made me appreciate it more. 

I do have an ability but I am a skeptic if its just my wild imagination. 

If you want to know if I will do it again - yes. I will do it again.

If you want to try it you can just like and visit Profilers of the unknown's Facebook page for more information. 

See you around!

Much Love!



marilou said... [Reply]

eeek! excited na ko maexperience siya first hand :) I wonder if marinig ko or mafeel ko din kaya ang mga nafeel mo? haha

Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

Waaa I tot photos not allowed ;) Anyway, regarding the touching, I get alot of it from our previous apartment, I think I opened it up earlier... so I think I get what you meant dear, next batch naman kami ;)

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