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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fun Girl Time at Nailcocktales + Surprise!

Hello girls!

I would admit that getting pampered is really an experience that is what most girls look at the end of the day or after a stressful week. 

Or some would just get a beer or a cosmopolitan in a bar. 

Why not get both? 

I do have one suggestion if you want to try both - try out Nail Cocktales! 

Its hard to believe but its true! Have a mani pedi with your girlfriends while sipping a cocktail or have a shot for fun. I actually had 2 which was awesome. 

Besides from the drinks you can lounge at their princess chairs while getting your nails done. 

They have a modern Princess motif in their spa which are good for an afternoon or weekend to chill with your girlfriends. 

But if you prefer a bit more of a group place with your girlfriends then you can have one of their bigger spaces and chat away. 

One thing I was so floored is the collection of nail polishes they have! They have from imported brands such as Orly and Essie to Korean nail polishes from Innisfree, Skin Food and The Face shop which are not available here in Manila.  

I availed Cool Breeze from their Hand and Foot care for 700Php. It consists of Manicure + Pedicure +  Foot spa with a seaweed wrap. The rates that they offer are really worth your money because they are relaxing.

I would admit that I have doubts if the person handling my feet would be able to reveal baby smooth feet after the treatment. I haven't really given myself a foot spa for about a week prior to this review so imagine the callus! 

Yes. I know. TMI moment. But honestly I wouldn't know the difference if I didn't do that. 

One of the things I would really commend on the staff of Nailcocktales is they are very professional. I actually told Ate Angie that I haven't done a pedi and foot spa in a while. And she was very professional and also she was careful in doing my pedicure. She was really putting a lot of effort in cleaning each nail with utmost care that I actually didn't feel a thing! That is how good she is. 

She was also quiet most of the time but when I talked to her she was very fun to chat with. That is how I usually treat those that do my nails - I chat with them so I wouldn't get bored and also ask them some questions on properly taking care of the nails. You will learn a lot from them since they do this everyday so don;t miss a chance to chat with them! 

 Tada! Pretty nails! 

Also the color I picked is from Ruby and Wing called Eternal. I haven't tried this brand but they mentioned that it changes color with the temperature. At normal temperature its a minty teal color but when its hot or too cold it becomes more of a bright mint green color. A must try for sure! 

 Next service I tried out is their full leg wax. I have done waxing prior to this but there are some things you need to do before with this procedure. That will be on another post because its quite lengthy. 

The whole procedure actually is very easy and its not painful. They are actually very quick with their wax and the attendants will inform you of what you need to do. 

This could be availed at about 500php for a full leg wax. 

Over all I really enjoyed my experience at Nailcocktales! I will surely be back! But of course I would love to bring one of you girls so I will be holding a giveaway for a 400peso GC of Nailcocktales! 

Here are the mechanics: 

1. Follow me on my Instagram account (IG: alicemate) and also Nailcocktales IG account (IG: Nailcocktalesbbw)

2. Make sure to Re-gram the picture of the GCs on my IG account.

3. Put this on the description of your Re-gram 

"I want to win @alicemate and @nailcocktalesbbw giveaway because..." 

put your most creative answer guys!

4. MAKE SURE you are willing to MEET UP to claim the prize.

5. Use the hashtag #PhotoescapeGiveaway at the end of your re-gram

The most creative answer will win the prize so be as creative as possible! 

I will be announcing the winner on Instagram on August 31 2014. 

Nailcocktales spa is located at Bluebay walk, EDSA Ext. Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City. They are open Mondays thru Thursday 11am - 10pm; Friday to Sunday 10am to 10pm. Like their Facebook page for more info!

Goodluck and Much Love! 

xx Alice


marilou said... [Reply]

I love the shade of that nail polish . It reminds me of the sea which is very relaxing. And by the way, their packages are affordable too!

Rattus Choki said... [Reply]

Alice I couldn't get over your nail polish the last time we met, so this was where you got it done. I love it! =)

Kathy Ngo said... [Reply]

Love that you are sharing it with readers. Good job. I'm sure maraming sasali.

Alice said... [Reply]

@marilou Thanks for reading Marilou! :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Rattus Choki yup! punta ka dito! super worth it :)

Alice said... [Reply]

@Kathy Ngo Thanks ms. Kathy! :)

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