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Monday, July 14, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Saizen Make up

Hey lovelies! 

I know I promised this blogpost about a couple of weeks ago but I really can't bring myself to say bad things about something. I really don't like saying bad things because I know it will haunt me but I guess its for the benefit of letting you guys know.. so here goes. 

I had this powder for about half a year now and I was intending on using this on a prospective client but that didn't go well but still I tried this product on my face to see if it still works. 

Its the Touch up Foundation from Saizen. 

I like saizen. I buy almost everything there because it is cheap and affordable and also my mom likes buying things there that we can easily discard if we don't like it - and its really rare that we throw it out after a couple of days. 

This powder didn't really have anything that says there but just that it is a foundation.  

It came in a white container with a clear top so you can see the shade immediately. The first thing that came to my mind was - is it just me or is this powder has some glitter on it? 

It doesn't have like chunks of glitter on it (on plain sight) so I still bought the product. Hey its only 66 pesos! no harm done. 

And about the start of February I have started using this and at first it was good because the weather was just okay although it was a bit chilly. Then about third or fourth week of February the hot weather started kicking in thus my face start to oil up more. 

I have combination-oily skin so I am starting to be a bit conscious on the product because I know that this has glitter and it might affect my skin. 

By March, that is when disaster happened. 

What I mean by disaster is the product hadn't worked well with me. I noticed that it didn't really seeped the oil on my face when I touch up. I can actually feel that there is a powder on top of my oily face even if I blotted it out first. 

But still I kept going because I want to see how long it will last on me. 

By about April or May I just gave up. 

I gave up using it simply because it was not working out for me anymore. I noticed that after using this on my face I got some millia (whiteheads and blackheads) and also a pimple. At first, I thought that maybe it was my skin or my skin care routine since I've changed some products that I use on my face. Or maybe it was the weather and other things. 

But no. It wasn't.

I do like this powder don't get me wrong. I like that its just nice texture although if you over apply it will look like you got some glitter specks on your face.

The price is awesome. Its just 66pesos! If you are on a budget it would definitely work out for you. 

Shade variety and packaging isn't really a good one for me. The compact looked like a refill to be honest. The shades mostly vary from fair to olive skin. If you have a deeper skin color I don't think it will work out for you. 

Overall I am very very disappointed with this product. I do have high hopes for other saizen make up products. I really do. I will be trying them out in a couple of months since I still have tons of product to go through so please do keep updated in this site. 

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Have you tried make up from Saizen? How was your experience? Make sure to leave a comment below!

 Much Love! 



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