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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Ever Bilena BB Cream.

Hey guys! I'm back with a review! 

This time it will be for another BB cream! 

I am still not over this trend so please forgive me. 

Also a bit of a disclaimer: All things mentioned in this blog is from my personal experience. This was given to me by the brand to be reviewed but I was not influenced in anyway possible. 

Ok let's begin my babies! 

Just like other BB creams Ever Bilena's BB cream promises the same. 

I have reviewed both on a video on my youtube channel. I will be highlighting only the anti wrinkle BB cream in this blog post. 

This bb cream in particular has an ivory shade which fits my skin actually. Although oriental has a more natural fit on my skin it tends to be a little too light for my liking. Natural has more coverage for me which is what I like. 

without flash

with flash
I noticed though that this BB cream instantly brightens my skin which is great. And with the price of 210php (or cheaper on some stores) you get TONS or product in the tube.

No make up mess :))
Okay so I am still using this product on a daily basis to see what effects it could give out to my skin and one thing is for sure - my face seems more even with this on. 

With the BB Cream with flash.
I don't really prefer using this alone on a flash photo with it leaves a white cast. But I know topping it with powder makes workable in the long run. 

 Without flash

Things I like about the product:

-immediately brightens my skin
- didn't break me out
- one application gives a little more coverage
- longevity is okay
- fits my skin well

Things I don't like about the product:

-has a white cast when you take flash photos
- if used longer without touching up it does make the skin oilier.


Great BB Cream to try! Its affordable and locally available. I like the formula although there is a white cast its ok for me.

Would I repurchase?

As of the moment I still have a lot of products with me to try to finish so I think I would not be repurchasing but once I've ran out of it for sure I will purchase one again.

Overall I think its a great BB cream to try especially if you have fair to morena skin.

Tell me what you think of this BB cream on the comments section below

Much Love!



Anonymous said... [Reply]

are these safe to use while pregnant?

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