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Friday, June 20, 2014

Suay Skin is Beautiful Skin

สวย  suayR

This word means beautiful in Thai. I remember hearing this a lot when I met my mother's business partners before. Or maybe I was just over analyzing for some reason. 

But just as the word Suay Skin promises beautiful skin to its patrons. 

A business put up by sheer passion of the owners about five years ago, Suay Skin is now one of the metro's in demand facial and body center. 


When I first saw their clinic the first thing that was on my mind is

Bakit parang ang liit? 

Their clinic in Mandaluyong is quite small outside, but when you go in its a much different reaction. 

It is actually quite big inside but not too big for one to be overwhelmed. One thing I like about their clinic is it has dim lighting to relax the mind and sets the mood for relaxation. 

I chose a Sebo management mask which is good to regulate the sebum secretion and controlling acne development of the skin. Another thing this facial does is it soothes the inflamed skin from acne. 

This facial costs only 350php and it lasts about 45 minutes to an hour regarding the extraction of the white heads. Here is a before shot of my face. 

The facial is actually quite cheap than those that I have experienced before. If you remember the last time I had a facial post it costs me about 2k for a sebum management facial. 

Almost all their facials  are below 500 pesos which is awesome by the way. 

Here's the after! 

Seriously I love the feeling of my skin after the facial. The clinic also has 2 house dermatologist: one korean and one Thai. Unfortunately I was not able to meet them. 

I also tried their infrared sauna. Compared to the traditional sauna, the infrared sauna is more forgiving to my skin. I also liked that this sauna has a built in sound system so it can keep you company. 

Overall I think Suay Skin is a must try for all those that would like to have a new Suay Skin experience. 

If you have any inquiries about Suay Skin make sure to message them here: 654-7723/ 09065883982/ 09294535171 and LIKE their Facebook page

Much Love! 


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