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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Join me to a Beautiful Change This June 12!

During my high school days I was the fat dork. 

Yeah I know real harsh but its true! I was the fat, ugly, pimple-ridden, bitter -OKAY sobra na panlalait ko sa sarili ko but I know you get the point. 

I was teased and bullied a lot in high school thus me being bitter almost all through out high school. And if ever my high school classmates read this don't worry I am not planning on taking revenge anytime soon. 

I've learned that in life, it may be unfair but there is still a brighter, greener side to it. I went through that path and now I am a perky - yet slightly cynical at times about life, but nonetheless I am happy where I am at. 

That is my biggest transformation: from bitter to better! 

A lot of girls ask me where I got my confidence and what makes me...ME! 

And once and for all I will tell you my secret in transforming from the fat dork to the fat and fabulous that I am today - I talk to myself everyday. 

That's it! I just tell myself good things even if my day started out bad I will just look up to the  heavens and smile because in life its better to forget the bad things and just look forward to life. 

In relation to that I would like to invite you girls - and guys kung bet nyo lang in HBC's National Make over day! 

Lets all say YES to a beautiful change! 

The event is filled with TONS of FREE make over sessions and also you'll be able to see some cuties like Jake Cuenca and Joseph Marco! 

I will also be there tomorrow and I would love to meet you girls! I will be going around the booths so if you see me don't hesitate to tap me on my shoulder and be on my vLog channel! 

The event will be held at the Trinoma Activity Center and it will start at 10am up until the mall closes. 

See you there! 

Much Love! 

xx ALice


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