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Thursday, June 26, 2014

AquaBest Water is the water of tomorrow

I think one of the most over looked beauty tips of all time is to hydrate yourself.

 I am one before but I noticed that if you drink a lot of water through the day it really makes you feel a whole lot better in which I think people nowadays really need to do that because of our lifestyle. 

When juggling 2 careers, social life, and everything else in between we tend to neglect or substitute water to hydrate ourselves. Please don't. 

Hydrating ones self not only cleanse our system from the junk that we eat but also revitalizes our skin in which it would show through our skin. However, not all water is the same so its best to choose a water that not only hydrate our body but also make it much better internally so it could manifest much better to our skin.

Aquabest granderized water in particular is so much different from other types of drinking water. Being not only clean but also healthy for us. Aquabest water utilizes several technologies such as Grander, Tanwning, Nanogen and reverse osmosis to make the water we drink a healthier one for the body. 

Okay I know what you are thinking:


Tanwning and Reverse Osmosis are a filtration technology which helps eliminate all contaminants in the water to make them safe and clean. 

While Nanogen and Grander technology work the same but in a molecular level. NanoGen is a Korean technology which neutralizes the waters acidity level which if you have a high acidity level in the water it can contribute to some illnesses. 

There was also a demo in which they showed how neutral the Aquabest water is. 

Also Aquabest has launched a new product in the market that you girls will absolutely love. I have been using this product as well so I can't wait share this with you for sure. 

Thank you so much Aquabest for the knowledge of knowing more about water and also showing that if you want to be beautiful you gotta start for the inside first. 

Much Love! 

xx ALice


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