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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Self harm +Selfie - Why do they do it?

Hey guys! 

I don't really post anything of this kind in a long time because..well I don't know exactly but when something makes me cringe that I just have to write it down before I would puke. 

Yes guys I'm serious. 

I found this picture on my Facebook news feed. One of my acquaintances slashed her wrists and decided to take a picture of it. Here is just the only question that came to my mind: 


I was also a teenager. I also went through the phase of being overly emotional about things - especially about love. I admit that I have thought to slashing my wrists too and also committing suicide but I thought about it and the only thing that came to my mind is how stupid of an idea it would be. 

Self harm is not just a phase - that means something is wrong with that person. Taking a picture of it is just a whole other problem that needs to be addressed. 

I am not a psychology major - I am a MassComm/ Communications graduate yet I know these because I have clinical depression and I've had thoughts about jumping off buildings and also slashing my wrists but thankfully my inner voice got me out of it. 

There is also another picture that circulated in the internet about another teen slashing her wrists and took a selfie out of it. In that picture the girl looks like she is lamenting about a lost relationship. I didn't read through the whole article because I was so disgusted by the girl. No offense but I am. 

I think this acquaintance of mine is slashing her wrist to vent out all the anger she has yet she took a picture to gain attention from it - maybe only for one person or for a whole bunch of people. 

Its like how haters visit your site and leave hateful comments. They hate you because you have something they don't have - Attention from other people. 

If ever this acquaintance of mine read this I just have one thing to say to her: STOP IT. 

Hurting yourself would not get you anywhere. You may get that attention momentarily but that fades away faster than that slash in your wrists. Go talk to someone than hurt yourself - that is a much safer way to heal. 

See you on my next post! 

xx Alice 


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