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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ricky Reyes Meets Miss Earth Philippines Candidates

So many back logs! goodness! 

But its better late than never right? Okay so here goes. 

I was really honored to attend this event by one of the institutions of beauty in the Philippines. 

I grew up with a mother that does make up to a lot of women on a daily basis. The sheer thought of meeting one of the people that my mom looks up is really an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Mader Ricky thought of this event as a way of a personally teaching the candidates ways to know how to look beautiful even without a stylist. 

Here are some of the tips that I've remembered. 

TIP #1 NEVER leave the house without make up and stilettos. 

This one is pretty basic because as a beauty queen you really do have to looked all made up all the time. I think that this is purely as a basis to know that you can be beautiful anytime of the day. 

TIP #2 The hair and dress should also sway. 

Natural flowy hair that sways with the hair is beautiful - The 'walis tambo' hair doesn't look nice in any angle. 

TIP #3 Nothing compares to beautiful skin. 

This tip is really something that I can say is the most important. You may have the most expensive make up out there but if your skin doesn't look 100% Okay it doesn't matter. 

Besides from the myriad of tips there was also a challenge given my Mader Ricky to the candidates - They have to do their make up ala beauty queen. 

In that challenge, Those that who won were given packages of make up and money. 

I really enjoyed the event because it was like I was in an all in one event! Thank you so much Mader Ricky for the opportunity! 

And Congratulations to the Ms. Earth Philippines! 

Much Love!
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