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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Post LAB Dance Concert event

Hey Guys!! 

I should have done this post as soon as I can but because of my schedule I completely forgot! 

And if ever any ADDLIB members or supporters read this please don't hate me I'm only human too, but at least I made the post right? 

I am being unreasonable again I'm sorry. 

So last May 11 I was really fortunate to watch the dance recital of ADDLIB's The LAB 3. This was actually the first recital they had and I am so thankful to see one of their first recitals ever~!

I've actually followed their dance sessions on Facebook and I've see a lot of potential in the participants. One of my friend is part of the workshop which really made me more proud. 

Their recital was held at SM Skydome which is actually a great venue because it gives a great view of their performance at any angle. The sound also at Skydome is really nice. 

The event was not just a recital but a dance concert of ADDLIB to showcase their #PHiersness 

They also introduced the new wave of ADDLIB members. Which gave a phenomenal performance might I say. 

This was actually one of the parts in the concert that I was surprised...they gave awards for the most improved / determined which went to.... My friend Jessie! So proud of you friend!!! 

They also gave awards to those that have improved a lot on their respective classes such as Dancehall, Girlicious, Jazzfunk and such. 

Miss Joe Abuda - Choreographer and the 'mastermind' behind ADDLIB and The LAB. He also teaches Advanced Hip hop in the workshop.

Calvin Metran: teacher/choreographer of Dancehall and Girlicious.

Rein Navarro: teacher/choreographer for ROCKLIB and also a Zumba instructor.

There was also another surprise at the end of the concert, 2 of the attendees - Mayumi Shimada and Macki Pineda were an automatic members of ADDLIB! It was really a surprise not just for those who were in the audience but also to these two fantastic dancers. 

Skydome was really on full on dance mode with ADDLIB especially when they performed their winning piece from the recent HipHop International competition. 

For those interested about ADDLIB's workshops make sure to check out their Facebook page, twitter and instagram. 

I heard that they will be having a weekend edition of The LAB - I will definitely be there for sure! 

Again thank you to ADDLIB for being one of the nicest, most accommodating and most talented dance groups here in the Philippines. I can't wait to see you win HHI in Las Vegas soon! *cross fingers and wish to the stars!*

Much Love! 

xx Alice  



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