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Friday, May 2, 2014

My Summer Blushes Choices - Careline Oil Control Blush on

Due to the sweltering (NAKS! Big Word!) heat of the sun nowadays most of the time I wear little to now make up. 

LIKE SERIOUSLY who would wear a whole layer of make up if you would be out in the sun? I wouldn't! 

But still I want to look good in which I only have 3 things in my bag that I can live by:

 Powder, Blush, and lipstick. 

One of the things that are most important to me is blush-because I look like a ghost without one. I have been told myriads of times these lines 

"nakainom ka ng suka no?" 
"anyare teh nakakita lang ng multo?" 
"may anemia ka ata friend."

That is why I always keep a blush on in my bag just in case I am looking ghostly as ever. 

The blush that I do keep in my bag at all times is Careline's Oil control blush on. The reason why is because it keeps the oil at bay when the weather makes my face oilier than ever. 

Careline's Oil control blush on has a variety of shades that suits every Filipina skin tone. 

If you ask me what shade fits really fair skin I would suggest Charming Pink, Pinkish blush, touch of pink and peach glow. 

For those that has a darker skin tone you can go with Peach glow, rosy cheek, fresh tomato and starlight shine. 

If you think the colors are quite too much for morena skin it actually is not! My friend likes to use starlight shine as a contour and fresh tomato as her blush and it looks really natural on her. 
The formulation of Careline's blushes are really like pressed powder but still be careful in applying them so you won't look like you've been slapped. Kidding! 

They are also really cheap! They are about 80php each so it fits in the budget of every Pinay teen! 

What's your Summer make up blush? 

Make sure to share it below on the comments section! 

Much Love! 



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