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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bangong Palmolive, Check! Hair That Smells Great All Day Every Day!

Usually I spend about 10 hours outside of the house everyday - From commuting to and from work, attending events and other things like a night out to unwind. All these activities take a toll on us over time – from unhealthy bodies and bad skin due to stress, to an unwelcome strain on the crowning glory: Our hair. 

Our Hair not only becomes limp and dull throughout the day, it can also absorb the various odors encountered with every activity. 

I take pride in my hair to the point that I painstakingly check every waking moment if my hair looks and also smells good. While mornings have the best fragrant hair moments straight from the shower, most of the worrying start the day progresses. 

By noon, the hustle and the bustle becomes an assault on the hair, leaving it even more lifeless and without fragrance. This is why it’s important to use products that keep hair smelling and looking fresh 24/7 - from the moment you leave home to the time you arrive for your date, or night out with the girls. 

Fragrant hair is often associated with beauty. When a girl’s hair is fragrant, they have the confidence to face all their activities day to night. I know you agree with no longer having to worry about how our hair smells and we can be the best versions of themselves all day long. Like a natural perfume, the fragrance of a girl’s hair leaves a lasting impression on anyone she encounters, making it one of her most important assets.

With that Palmolive Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner is perfect for girls with busy lifestyles to help keep their hair fragrant and full of life, whatever time of day. The distinct Bangong Palmolive scent wraps hair all day, giving girls the confidence to check off all their activities from morning until night with hair that’s bangong nakaka-wow! Palmolive Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner has long been known for its fragrance, one of the reasons why girls have trusted it for many years now.

Actress Carla Abellana agrees, “With Palmolive, my hair really is bangong nakaka-wow! Location shoots no longer bother me, I can go from one place to another without worrying about my hair because with Palmolive, I know it is well taken care of!”

Palmolive Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner has long been a girl’s partner in maintaining beautiful hair, and also wraps hair with fragrance that lasts all day long.  So wherever you are, whatever you do, make sure that your hair smells great. Bangong Palmolive? Check!

Much Love!



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