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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have a Perfect Day with Perfect Pads and Jasmine Curtis!

We all know that during our not-so-perfect days its going to be a hassle- moving around, getting things done even if you don't really feel like it.

 I know the feeling girl so don't worry.


On those days, I would say that I would just like to crawl under my covers and hide from the world until its all gone BUT that is not possible. Thankfully there is a new brand that you give us a perfect day...Just like it did with Jasmine Curtis-Smith. 

Last April 7 me and some bloggers were invited to see the launch of the Perfect pad's latest endorser-Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

The whole theme of the event was like of a debutante's ball. It has a plum and pink motif which is really feminine but not too much. I really like the motif since it really gives out an elegant look to the venue. Most of the people that attended the event were wearing gowns and tuxedos that would make you feel like it is either a debut or an awards ceremony. 

When the program started, there was an introduction made by the Brand ambassador and also the owner of Quanta paper which is the maker of Perfect Pad revealing first the new packaging for Perfect Pad.

Mandatory food shot #LOL

Of course after that it was eating time. The food was provided by Via Mare. I tell you their Blueberry cheesecake was A-MA-ZING. 

Okay going off topic now.. moving on! 

After the eating time, Finally Jasmine was introduced. Wearing a white cocktail dress with metallic embellishments, Jasmine looks stunning as if she is a modern day debutante. 

She answered some questions from the media and bloggers circle in which I was really honored to be given the chance to do so. 

According to Jasmine Perfect Pad is perfect for her because it gives a nice feeling to her even if she has work on THAT day. Its really hard to explain because its a female thing and I know there would be guys reading this post. 

I really enjoyed the event. Thank you so much to Perfect Pad for inviting me to the event. 

Every girl deserves a perfect pad for those not so perfect days so make sure to get Perfect pad now. 

What's YOUR perfect day like? 

Make sure to leave your comments below!

Much Love! 

xx Alice


Traveliztera said... [Reply]

Aw ... Nice to know she's the face of the product!

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you enjoyed! :)


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