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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bloggers Night with FAME Inc.

About a month ago I attended a Bloggers night for Friendly Alliances and Media Expressions Publishings Inc. 

The Bloggers night is all to introducing brands that promote healthy living and also among other, and also to introduce topics that may catch our attentions. 

The event was packed with surprises for everyone to enjoy. Recognizing how influential and powerful bloggers are in the social media nowadays, FAME Inc. has once again hosted an event for bloggers at the Megaworld Showroom in McKinley Hill in Taguig last March 19. 

Knowing how bloggers are one of the movers and shakers of the social media circuit we are more than just mere bloggers but more of influential people on the internet in our specific field. I was really thankful to be invited to this event. 

The event was more of a glimpse of different products and companies that also think the same about bloggers. Some of the brands that were there were GrabTaxi, Goldilocks, Metronix, Diabetasol, Benecol, Galderma, Angel Skin, Potencee, Oracare, Enchanted Kingdom and among others. 

There were several talks from the brands that were presented but one brand stood out for me - Sleepasil. 

I've had trouble sleeping ever since I was in high school. I am able to sleep 8 hours a day nowadays because I was able to eliminate the sole reason of me getting enough sleep - STRESS. The talk focused on how we can get the proper zzz's a night. 

Another thing that got my ears perked up? They had giveaways! But of course I didn't have my hopes up since there were a lot of bloggers I only have an ounce of chances of winning even the consolation prizes.

But then again I was shocked when my name was called and I won a 24K GC from Galderma...

You heard that right my friend a 24k Gift Certificate! 

I haven't used my GC yet unfortunately but I will contact them as soon as possible and IF possible I could use this with a friend (or a very lucky reader) *wink wink* cross our fingers for that!

Here are the loot I got from the event! I am really thankful to be invited by FAME Inc. for this opportunity! Make sure to check out their magazines mainly Zen Health and Travel Plus are the ones that I have been reading for the past month because it contains a lot of information about health and wellness and also travel posts since I am planning to travel soon so I am checking out possible places I would be checking out soon. 

Till then I hope you girls like this post! Don't forget to subscribe and also comment here for your thoughts! 

Happy Saturday! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


Denise Sarmiento said... [Reply]

congrats for winning, you are so lucky to be invited to this! i would have loved to attend this bloggers event.

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