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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Online Wishlist - March 2014

Nowadays most people do a lot of things online like order food, chat with friends and family, and shopping - or probably go online 'window' shopping. 

I am one of those people. Maybe because its convenient to check out items online rather than tiring yourself commuting, walking all over the mall and go home with just your head full of things you would buy when you have decided to. 

Yes. I admit that. 

Not being a lazy person or anything but its just really convenient - especially checking out make up, shoes, and clothes online. I find it less of a hassle actually since I don't have to go through racks and do swipes when checking out potential items I will be purchasing soon. 

So here are some items I am planning on purchasing and also the store I will be purchasing them from. 

photo source:
1. Tierra Sleeveless Striped Dress of from Zalora

I mainly would like to purchase this dress in the future because of the patterns. Its very slimming yet still very stylish. While I was browsing their site, this was only one that stood out for me - I have a thing black and white which I think would suit me a lot. I would prefer using this with a pair of heels at a casual night out with some of my friends or maybe a date.

Photo source:
2. 3 piece swimsuit from Cuties and Charms. 

You girls know I am not slim AT ALL but that doesn't stop me in getting on of these right? I have already started doing more exercise and eating less..unless I have to do a review for some food I am really curious for - don't judge.

I've actually asked the owner of the store (Hi Mikmik!) If they have a size fit for me. And yes! they do! :D

Photo source:
3. 3 pairs of contact lenses from Elite Contact lenses.

I want to try out other circle lenses. I would also like to wear ones that would make my eyes pop out more. I found a lot of choices at Elite Contact lenses. They have doll eye inspired to those that are just really natural looking. I want to try having gray eyes, aqua, and also green in you can see on the picture above. And also 3 pairs of circle lenses in this online store is just 1,000php - really cheap right? ^__^

Those are just some of my online wishlist this month of March. I will do more of these every month so make sure to check out my blog for other details.

How about for you? What are your online wishlist?

Make sure to comment below and I hope to talk to you next time!

Much Love!

xx Alice 


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