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Monday, March 3, 2014

A Chongfie Moment - My Lenovo Vibe X Entry

ChongFie - A selfie with Enchong Dee.

Twist my ankles and pinch me to oblivion but Enchong Dee is one of those actors that even without a word makes me smile. I met him back in 2012 during an event I was covering. They had a dating game in which I jokingly joined just for the fun of it. I never really thought of winning, the mere fact of being able to get his attention through my weird and somewhat quirky pick up lines made me win the said dating game.

The Prize? 


I may be outgoing and loud but I tend to be shy to those that I've just met. But with Enchong Dee he actually made me feel really relaxed. After that date, it was never the same. Okay don't think that me and Enchong went on another date but it was more of seeing each other on events. I was also thankful to visit him on set of his movie and drama series.

So why is this connected with Love and Romance from Lenovo Philippines' My Lenovo Vibe X I could consider my relationship with Enchong Dee like a phone. Its something that we didn't need before but as times go by you realize you need it for its availability to connect to others and also capture moments that are worth cherishing. Enchong is an inspiration for me. He is very nice, funny, and easy to talk to. He may be a famous actor but he is still like any other guy.

So if you think that being friends with an actor is hard...Try giving him some nudges from some pick up lines to make him laugh.

Much Love!



Jocris Mangubat said... [Reply]

So sweeet Enchongg.. hingi mo naman ako piture niya.. pd na rin meet up.. charot.!!

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