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Monday, March 24, 2014

Get to Know ADDlib at The LAB 3!

Dancing is an art, a way to express ones self and also a medium to showcase our emotions. That is what I've felt through my own experience as a dancer when I was younger.

But dancing is different with *ADDlib. Founded in 2008 by Joe Abuda - Choreographer to the stars, *ADDlib is a powerhouse crew of multi-talented individuals that excels in different forms of dance and performance art.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fairview Ayala Terraces Adventure!

credits to: Rattus 
A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend the opening of Yoshinoya in Ayala Fairview Terraces or Fairview Ayala Terraces. I don't really know the name because it was my first time in a very very long time to go to Fairview just to attend an event and in a new mall in fact! 

The way to the mall is quite easy. All you have to do is ride a SM Fairview/Tungko bus if you are coming from EDSA. Just tell the conductor that you will want to be dropped off at Ayala Fairview terraces and you are all good. 

The mall is quite modern and the facade actually stands out from afar if you ask me because it  is like a hybrid of Greenbelt and Trinoma mall. It has a very breezy yet still modern facade. The parking is quite good. Since it has an outdoor and indoor parking. It is also quite accessible to other modes of transportation in fact I saw some terminal of jeepneys and tricycle beside the west doors of the mall. 

Coincidentally, I didn't know that day was also the grand opening of the mall as well. I was surprised that all establishments were like in a festive and energetic vibe. The inside of the mall is actually really spacious but I can't really quite figure my way around. Maybe because its my first time at this mall that's why. 
Feeling hipster? haha! With Rattus(at the back) and Denise (Beside me ^_^)
I was able to hang out with Rattus and Denise in this adventure. Its really nice hanging out with other blogger friends because we are like kids that got loose with our curiosity with the mall. Truth be told I was really exhausted after our adventure that I actually fell asleep when I got home. 

The only downside of this mall for my opinion is it only caters to those that live in Fairview and the surrounding areas. I live about an hour and 45 minutes  away from this mall and God forbid the traffic for letting my travel time be much much longer because I would hate that for sure. 

I just hope that there are more malls like this near my area. I live in a very congested area of Quezon city, and most malls here are either too crowded on weekends or too high end for my liking. 

This mall is actually just right for my liking the only problem is the location. But if you ask me if I will be going back.. of course I will! Its a good mall to be worth the long travel time because its my kind of mall. 

I hope you like this post and I will talk to you girls in my next post ok? 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

'No Make up' Make up Look Tutorial

I know it may sound strange but there are times that I want to wear make up that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing one - pretty weird as it is. 

Because honestly most girls and ladies would prefer wearing make up that is so natural you would not think we are wearing one! 

This is perfect if you want to look natural without the effects of being judged of wearing make up - Been there and I don't want to go back! 

Okay before I go on in saying the products and procedure, I would just like to say that this is my way. There are actually millions maybe billions of version of this that may look similar or more 'natural' but it is one person's choice to go with this method or the other one. 

In looking au naturale you have to know the most basic rule: Have a good skin care routine. As I have say myriads of times, skin care is a key component in achieving that flawless canvas for you to paint on: your skin. 

Having a good skin care not just makes your skin look great but also makes it a good base for your make up. 

To achieve the look:

- Prime the face
- Apply foundation

TIP: For foundation to evenly set, warm  your hands and press it lightly in your face. 

- Apply primer to the lids
- Define the brows
- Apply a light shimmery eye shadow in the inner corners of the eyes. 
- Apply a shimmery taupe eye shadow at the center of the lids. 
- Apply a matte taupe eye shadow on the outer part of the lids to intensify the look. 
- Blend the harsh edges
- Apply matte taupe eyeshadow on the lower lashes
- Apply a simple winged eye liner
- Curl the lashes and apply mascara. falsies are optional.
- Contour the cheeks
- Apply blush
- Apply peach lipstick and top it with mauve lip gloss

I hope you girls like it! 

Make sure to share your no make up make up look tips below! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Better late than ever! Valentines Look Collaboration with Make up by Reynaldo

Hello lovelies! 

I'm back with a new collab! I've actually posted this a couple of weeks back but due to my recent activities I wasn't able to blog it. 

I will be doing a back-to-back update on this blog and my food and travel blog to keep you guys updated again. 

The look that me and Reynaldo actually made is for Valentines. He did a day time look while I went with the night time look. I went for the single vixen inspiration because:

1. I am single. 

2. I don't really prefer the cutesy type for night time. I prefer vixens at night. 

To achieve the look: 

- Prime the lids
- Apply bust in the lower lashes
- Apply skimp from the inner corners to the middle of the lids
- Apply lost to the outer corners in a sidewards V shape up to the crease
- Apply gravity to the center of the lids in the middle of the first 2 colors that was applied
- Blend harsh edges
- Apply Zephyr to the brow bone for highlight
- Apply eye liner as close to the lash line as possible 
- Curl lashes and apply mascara. falsies are optional. 
- Wipe off eye shadow fall out
- Apply primer 
- Apply foundation or BB cream 
- Seal foundation with powder 
- Contour the face
- Apply red lipstick to finish the look 

Products Used: 
Urban Decay Book of Shadows
Maybelline Pore Primer
Encara BB Cream
Hengfang liquid eye liner
Ever Bilena matte lipstick in All that red
Revlon barely there dual powder. 

I hope you girls like this video! 

Make sure to subscribe to my beauty and lifestyle channel for other upcoming videos! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Online Wishlist - March 2014

Nowadays most people do a lot of things online like order food, chat with friends and family, and shopping - or probably go online 'window' shopping. 

I am one of those people. Maybe because its convenient to check out items online rather than tiring yourself commuting, walking all over the mall and go home with just your head full of things you would buy when you have decided to. 

Yes. I admit that. 

Not being a lazy person or anything but its just really convenient - especially checking out make up, shoes, and clothes online. I find it less of a hassle actually since I don't have to go through racks and do swipes when checking out potential items I will be purchasing soon. 

So here are some items I am planning on purchasing and also the store I will be purchasing them from. 

photo source:
1. Tierra Sleeveless Striped Dress of from Zalora

I mainly would like to purchase this dress in the future because of the patterns. Its very slimming yet still very stylish. While I was browsing their site, this was only one that stood out for me - I have a thing black and white which I think would suit me a lot. I would prefer using this with a pair of heels at a casual night out with some of my friends or maybe a date.

Photo source:
2. 3 piece swimsuit from Cuties and Charms. 

You girls know I am not slim AT ALL but that doesn't stop me in getting on of these right? I have already started doing more exercise and eating less..unless I have to do a review for some food I am really curious for - don't judge.

I've actually asked the owner of the store (Hi Mikmik!) If they have a size fit for me. And yes! they do! :D

Photo source:
3. 3 pairs of contact lenses from Elite Contact lenses.

I want to try out other circle lenses. I would also like to wear ones that would make my eyes pop out more. I found a lot of choices at Elite Contact lenses. They have doll eye inspired to those that are just really natural looking. I want to try having gray eyes, aqua, and also green in you can see on the picture above. And also 3 pairs of circle lenses in this online store is just 1,000php - really cheap right? ^__^

Those are just some of my online wishlist this month of March. I will do more of these every month so make sure to check out my blog for other details.

How about for you? What are your online wishlist?

Make sure to comment below and I hope to talk to you next time!

Much Love!

xx Alice 

Monday, March 3, 2014

A Chongfie Moment - My Lenovo Vibe X Entry

ChongFie - A selfie with Enchong Dee.

Twist my ankles and pinch me to oblivion but Enchong Dee is one of those actors that even without a word makes me smile. I met him back in 2012 during an event I was covering. They had a dating game in which I jokingly joined just for the fun of it. I never really thought of winning, the mere fact of being able to get his attention through my weird and somewhat quirky pick up lines made me win the said dating game.

The Prize? 


I may be outgoing and loud but I tend to be shy to those that I've just met. But with Enchong Dee he actually made me feel really relaxed. After that date, it was never the same. Okay don't think that me and Enchong went on another date but it was more of seeing each other on events. I was also thankful to visit him on set of his movie and drama series.

So why is this connected with Love and Romance from Lenovo Philippines' My Lenovo Vibe X I could consider my relationship with Enchong Dee like a phone. Its something that we didn't need before but as times go by you realize you need it for its availability to connect to others and also capture moments that are worth cherishing. Enchong is an inspiration for me. He is very nice, funny, and easy to talk to. He may be a famous actor but he is still like any other guy.

So if you think that being friends with an actor is hard...Try giving him some nudges from some pick up lines to make him laugh.

Much Love!

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