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Saturday, February 22, 2014

What's New? Upcoming Product Reviews!

Happy Saturday! 

I haven't been blogging again since I have been busy with things here at home and also with my Korean language studies..its hard to be student again! but its really nice. 

So on today's post I will show you some of the new items I have been trying out recently. 

First product up is Enjoy Vietnam's Elite 3 in 1 cream. I have actually seen this in youtube through another youtuber..I think her name is Shantea...She actually noted that this is a miracle cream. 

The Elite 3 in 1 cream. I have tried this out already and the review will be up after a week since I was to see its full potential and also to see it has any reaction to my skin. 

I won't spill any details yet but so far so good this product is doing well. 

Next product up is a hair product for Korea! 

Yes my dear ladies the products that I have been reviewing are only available to be ordered online that is why I am checking if they are really worth the price and shipping fee. 

For the hair product this is from a company called Lee Moon Won clinic that is located in Chungdam-dong in Seoul, Korea. Their clinic mostly caters to hair loss and basically anything that caters about the hair. 

I have been using these and so far so good. No details for now though. 

I will be posting the review real soon for this! 

I have been lacking in posts lately but I will make it up with back to back posts soon! 

Make sure to check back for more posts! 

Have a great weekend! 

Much Love! 

xoxo Alice 


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