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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Zen Institute: The True Concept of a Medical Spa

What do you see when the word SPA comes to mind? 

To me the first thing that comes to mind if total relaxation and the luxury to throw away one's care to the world - for the moment of course. 

But back then, Spa is just for royalties and the influential but nowadays it can be enjoyed by the everyday Jane that needs to de-stress from a day's full of work. And also the full concept of holistic wellness includes spa services and essentially espouses or enfolds the intrinsic value of soothing the three psyche: Mind, body, and spirit. 

Zen institute's Chief executive officer and founder Dr. Mary Jane Torres reveals that the very essence that makes a medical spa is if it is able to fuse,blend, and integrate without cutting corners the four elements- which I will explain later in this post. 

As it was shown on their newest branch in Tomas Morato in Quezon City. The Zen Medical Spa treated guests and also media personalities alike in a night fit for royalty and also showing their new facilities that will relax not just the body but also the mind and spirit. 

Their flag ship medispa in Quezon City is a sprawling 500sq. meter facility which highly boasts the state of the art, leading edge technology and a wellness center that accentuates Zen's strength and enviable positioning. 

The interior of their facilities and the ambiance brings a certain peacefulness to mind even if you are in the middle of the bustling jam of Tomas Morato. I was really amazed since each room provides a very homey feel to it. 

Okay so about the four elements that I was talking about earlier: The Aesthetic element, the integrative element, The lifestyle element, and the pampering element. 

The Aesthetic element includes non invasive treatments like facial contouring, hair treatments, body sculpting, skin rejuvenation, whitening, fillers for lips, nose, cheeks, botox treatments, carbon lasers, and lipo-cryo that uses extreme cold temperature to melt body fats without the pain. 

The integrative element applies also non invasive yet protocol-based approaches for its various medical treatments which is based on a patient's individual needs. 

Compared to the aesthetic element, the integrative element offers colonics nutrition which is an IV (intravenous) procedure done in-clinic for health and wellness withing the patient's body system and combines detoxification, dietary supplements, prescribed medications for hormonal balance of the patient's body. 

The lifestyle element includes the body and mind pampering such as nutritional and calorie-burning fitness regimen. This includes yoga sessions, TRX, RIP 60 and zumba workouts with counseling with their qualified personal trainers if you to stay active and to tone the muscles even while undergoing treatments. 

The pampering elements offers spa treatment protocols for anti-ageing and weight management are also considered a therapeutic treatment. 

There is definitely something for what you find at Zen Medical Spa at Tomas Morato. 

For more information about the Zen institute and Colonics make sure to visit and LIKE their Facebook page!

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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