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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lip Gloss in Yearning

Do you have that lip product that makes you feel sexy? For me there is - Victoria's Secret Lip gloss in Yearning. I don't know why but I really like this lip gloss and truth be told I am not a lip gloss girl. 

I actually got this when Dang of Yellow Apple store on Instagram sent me a loot bag of goodies. I was immediately drawn in this product mainly because of the color.

The shade that I got is yearning. You can check the website if they still have this shade. I believe there is already a victoria secret outlet here in the Philippines but I'm not sure if they have this product line. 

The product has a doe applicator which is good but I would suggest not sharing this lip product with any one.  

If you girls know, Victoria's Secret mostly exude the glamorous bombshell image. There is just something about looking like a Victoria Secrets angel that is so alluring for both men and women. Speaking of which most of their products have a shimmer in it. This lip gloss has a nudish pink color with shimmers. 

At first, I was not really into applying this lip gloss. I was more into admiring its shade but after so much thinking I finally did it. Don't the shimmers in the tube fool you because they may seem intimidating at first, they give a subtle look into the lips. 

Overall this lip gloss is a definite must try if you want to achieve that Victoria's Secret Angel look. 

In terms of the price, I am not sure with this since I don't know if the VS outlet here in the Philippines carry this line but if it is I hope its not too expensive. 

Do you like any VS cosmetics? 

Make sure to leave a comment below of your favorite VS product. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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