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Monday, February 3, 2014

Photoescape Reviews: Glory of New York Lip Liner in Maple

Happy Monday!

So...How was your Lunar New Year? Did you have lots of fun at Binondo? I did! I will show you that on my travel blog and video blog! But for now let's go to our product review for today. 

Glory of New York's Lip liner! 

If you want your lipstick to last longer, I suggest to apply a lip liner similar to the shade of your lipstick - this comes especially handy when you are wearing red lipstick since the lip liner will prevent the lipstick to bleed and smear all over your face.

I got this during Joyce Sola of CandyLoveArt's Birthday celebration. I was really happy since I've been planning to buy a nude lip liner since most of my lip liners are reds or pinks. 

I wasn't able to research much about this lip liner, but solely based on my experience I noticed that this lip liner is really creamy but still great to spread all over the lips with a brush. 

The pigmentation of the product is really superb since you can use a little as you want then just spread it with a lip brush. 

I've used this a couple of times on my clients and they are impressed with this product that they asked me where I bought it. It was hard to tell them that I got for free but I just gave them the link of Glory of New York Facebook page. 

The only think though that irks me with this product is its kind of short for me. Although its creamy and a little goes a long way - since I have chubby hands, it seems quite small for me. Thankfully this is a pencil because I kept on dropping this - sign of aging maybe? haha! 

Overall I love this product. I think the price is still worth it. I know I got it for free but checking their price list and color selections, it actually seems pretty cheap for it. 

Make sure to visit Glory of New York Philippines' Facebook page to check out their other products! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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