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Thursday, February 6, 2014

My First Nyx Product!

I remembered a couple of years back I was drooling over (not literally) NYX products since they were not available here. I was thankful they are available now since they opened a store here in Manila! 

But alas I haven't bought one when they first opened because 1.) I was busy at work and its store is out of my way to work. 2.) My weekends would only be spent by either attending events away from the said store or just staying at home. 3.) I don't really like buying stuff online because I am quite a skeptic before.

But thankfully I received some cool NYX products recently so I was really giddy with joy about it :D 

I know I am such a kid but who cares we are all kids at heart when we get a product that we want to try - don't deny!

My very first NYX product is actually a lip gloss! I got RLG 31 Red Tint

Its a 2.5ml tube of sheer goodness.The color looks really pigmented on the tube so I was hoping it would still be pigmented when applied to the lips.

And it is! It has a Pinkish red hue that has subtle shimmers. If you apply it alone I think about two layers would be enough if you want something really pigmented. 

I will be using this on a tutorial really soon. I know I have been saying that but I still have a lot of videos to edit so please be patient :) pretty please :) 

Will be doing a thorough review about this soon make sure to check back! 

Much Love! 

xx Alice


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