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Monday, February 10, 2014

Marco Polo: An Untold Lovestory - A Review

Last Friday, I was invited to watch a musical. 

I was really interested in watching musicals because I was part of one a long time ago. I didn't really do anything but help out with production and make up then. I liked the feeling of seeing a piece of art come to life when you are part of its process. 

Last Friday I came and watched Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story. 

I was really interested in this because one of my favorite subjects is in fact History - second of which is English. 

The first part of the play is Marco's journey from Venice to Central Asia. There he meets Kogajin, daughter of the Great Khan. They fall in love. However since Kogajin is a Mongolian princess there are strict rules in terms of the heart at this time. Oh the sheer agony when I was watching this play. 

Then on the second act, we see Marco's quest despite the elite wanting him to fail so he would not be able to get Kogajin's heart and the Khan's acceptance.

I haven't watched a musical in a long time so I was in a treat watching it. Musicality speaking, the songs are far off the Les Miserable-type that has a lasting effect but still good actually. 

The actors? I was actually surprised to see really REALLY phenomenal actors. With the likes of Chinggoy Alonso, Pinky Marquez, George Yang, and Nicky Trivino I was glued to their performances. 

And also I was really entranced to the two main leads: Marco Polo and Kogajin played by David Bianco and Stephanie Reese. 

David Bianco has performed for the prestigious Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and for the Dangerous Ground Productions in New York City. He has also performed for Repertory Philippines, and will be featured soon as one of the leads in the TV musical series The Kitchen Musical. 

Stephanie Reese who played Kogajn also played the role of Tuptim in the West End, London revival of King and I. She also played Kim in the German version of Miss Saigon in Suttgart, and also Esmeralda in World Premiere of the Walt Disney production of the Hunchback of Notre Dame in Berlin. She was also the first Filipino-American to do a full solo concert at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Honestly there were some dull parts in the musical, but the leads actually made it more colorful. There were parts that made me say meh and wished I could skip it. But those were only little parts into it. 

Entirely the musical is really nice and really informative regarding Marco Polo and his quests in Cathay and also with the Mongol empire. 

Its a great play to watch to refresh and possibly make you pick a history book soon. 

Special thanks by the way to Vin of for inviting me to watch this musical. He played a small part in the musical and as a colleague in the blogosphere I couldn't be more proud of you.. Kaw na talaga!

Its been a while since I watch a musical and its a fantastic first for me again. 

Much Love! 

xx Alice 


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