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Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Ready? Be Prepared for the Unexpected

According to statistics from the Department of Health (DOH), non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or lifestyle diseases such as heart attack or heart failure, stroke, and cancer are the top 3 leading causes of death among Filipinos. It is reported that more than 276 Filipinos die of heart diseases on a daily basis, 9 are diagnosed with cancer every hour, and 142 Filipinos die from it every day.

Did you guys also know that at least one Filipino suffers from stroke every 9 minutes? For those that survived, they have a 75% chance of becoming permanently disabled.

Numbers don’t lie. 

There may be increasing efforts in preventing these through diet, exercise and healthier lifestyle choices but little is done to raise awareness for us to be prepared financially for the impact.

I remember when my cousin went to the hospital because of an illness. It was really sudden and the impact it left him and his family was hard. Thankfully it was covered mostly of his savings which he had and also his health benefits in where he was working.

Although he has savings, most of it was gone on the hospital confinement bills alone. Most Filipinos also do that, They pay through their savings or out of the pocket which is not really suggested since our savings may be needed elsewhere if the time comes. And also our hard earned money that we saved up for years will just be gone in a snap.

That is why AXA Philippines, one of the country’s largest and fastest growing life insurance companies, is helping Filipinos prepare for the threat of future major medical emergencies by launching two (2) new products that provide adequate coverage to Filipinos when they face a critical illness.

Their new services Health Exentials and Health Max

Health Exentials is a simple, all-in-one health and protection plan that gives the greatest value at an affordable price.

For as low as P59/day, customers can get P5.5 million worth of comprehensive benefits, which include a critical conditions benefit, total & permanent disability benefit, daily hospitalization income benefit, a one-time surgical benefit, and a maturity cash benefit. Health Exentials premiums can be as low as only P1,140 a month or P39/day.

Health Max provides maximum lifetime coverage as it gives medical benefits until age 100. It also has the widest coverage of illnesses in the market today, covering 56 major medical conditions and 18 minor illnesses. Early stage cancer diagnosis and angioplasty, not normally covered by other health plans, are included in Health Max. It also has higher medical benefits of up to P10 million, as well as a special Advanced Health Fund that starts at age 70, which can be used for various medicines and treatments most common at that age.

What great things right?

We were also able to hear from Dr. Renzo Guinto, an independent researcher which showed us the figures that I also shared to you guys.

Also we were able to know more about the Silent Epidemic or Lifestyle diseases and its statistics from Department of Health Usec. Teodoro Herbosa.

And lastly we were able to hear a testimonial from Ms. Camile Prats regarding her experience when her husband suffered from cancer in which she shared not just the emotional toll but also the financial toll of it to them. 

Its best to ensure for the unexpected. With today’s economy and also our well being, its best to have this.

To learn more about AXA Philippines’ products and services, visit or You may also call their customer hotline (02) 5815-AXA (292) or (02) 3231-AXA (292).


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