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Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Note of Decorum at Events

I have started attending events about two or three years ago. Mind you my first event was actually a beauty party. And from then on I attended blogger events for the fun of it. 

You can say I am a 'veteran' per say but not really because of my weekday work schedule. But I have still been asked about certain things like what do you do on events and how do you act in it?

There are different kinds of events and there is no specific guideline because you just have to go with the flow. But its still best to have some key pointers in attending events - just in case. 

1. Dress Appropriately. 

Usually there are events that don't really give out details about what to wear but just in case go for a smart casual look. Jeans, sneakers, shirt and a blazer is okay. The matter of it is you have to look presentable. 

2. Arrive early. 

I am actually not the most punctual person on earth (if there is such a title) But I try to. Always be on time or arrive a couple of minutes early so you can know more and also check the Press Release that was given to you. 

3. If running late, Text or call your contact person. 

I always ask for a contact person when I am invited at an event because there might be a chance I would be late due to unexpected circumstances i.e traffic, getting lost etc. 

Its best to contact them so they would know where you are and how long you are going to be late. 

4. Check your PR (Press Release) Kit.

A press release kit is essential when attending events because this can be your basis in knowing all the key facts in the event. 

While waiting for the event to start, try to have a read through of the key items that you can use in writing your post. This way it won't give you too much hassle of thinking while writing the article in your blog. 

5. Take Pictures (and lots of it!)

There would be pictures provided for you in the PR kit, but its still best that you use the ones that you took to prove that you did attend the event. 

And also its also a way for you to explain in a more elaborate way the item or service that you were able to experience at the event with the pictures. 

6. Meet New People!

When I started attending events, I was like a kid attending the first day of school. I was like a lost puppy looking for her mum - it was horrifying! but being a blogger, that also means that you can network yourself to other bloggers and also to the PR managers. 

Have a chance to chat with some of them. Most of them are just like you when they started attending events. 

In time, there will be bloggers that you will consider as your friends too. The more connections you have, the more experience you can gather. 

In attending events, It's best to look presentable and credible. We have to walk, talk and act what we do. In blogging, its not just the visual our readers are looking at but US! 

So how we carry ourselves also represent our brand. 

I hope this helps! 

Make sure to leave a comment below if you have more tips! 

Much Love!

xx Alice


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